Blood Storage


well I would think you will have to spin it really fast to thin out when ready to use and 200 ml does not sound like much, I think that would dry up real fast. Are you planning on coating something with it once and then using that dry flat surface for all future scrying?

Have the nurse add the de coagulating agent so it stays liquified. It can last for a long time that way. Some people add rat poison of some kind which does the same thing.

There are also custom blood collection tubes which contain anticoagulants and preloaded syringes with anticoagulants in case you don’t want to transfer the blood from the syringe into a tube and then take it out again for your divination.

Store it in the fridge but it will have to be used the same day you will collect it or the day after. I am not sure if, after three days for example, it will be as potent as a scrying medium as it will be in the first day.

If you want to do this a lot, you should take a phlebotomy course locally and learn how to do it yourself. A few hundred bucks and you’ll be a wiz at safe blood extraction. Then you’ll also learn what tubes and other supplies you need to get blood like you want it.

Of course, you can always go the age-old method of killing stray animals for blood. Cheap and easy, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Just be aware that you will make yourself anemic if you are constantly bloodletting - at the very least, you’ll want to eat more iron rich foods. If you’re going to do a lot of blood magic, you’ll need to look into other sources.

Also, from what I’ve gathered around the forum, you’ve gotta use your blood fairly fresh - so “storage” isn’t really that viable. But you’ll be able to find this out for yourself.

An amusing thought I had, is that if you trained as a phlebotomist and for some reason didn’t want to kill animals, you could take their blood the same way you take your own. Haha.

This is a good recipe to get your iron levels up for bloodletting

You’re a good friend, necromaster.

I just use my own blood and draw it the day I’m going to use it. I’m also anemic but I don’t use much at a time. I’m on a regime of every other day iron tabs.

I got two dogs one 150lbs and the other 180 They got some killer hitters on there forearms lol. My unfortunate heroin days might finally pay off.

You can often get blood and various organs from Latino carnecerias. They look at you funny but they know what it’s being used for so they usually try to make you happy and get you the hell out of the store as fast as possible

Unfortunately Sukujin, there aren’t enough Hispanics in Australia. I’m the only Hispanic guy that I know of in my area. So there’s not enough demand for anything like that in Oz. Stores like those make life very easy to get ritual materials.

[quote=“Sukujin”]Cool EA, Im envious of these things, Botanicas too but I cant find any in the city I live. I will have to look at options and see what I can do about the blood scrying situation.


Me too man, Im in buttfuck Pa and I never even heard of a Botanica, And I live right at PennState University.

I have a Mexican food store near my house that carries some hoodoo accessories. I went in to buy some black jar candles and I got a weird look from the Latina cashier that was wearing a bunch of christian paraphernalia.

I also seen this site that specializes in blood selling. I haven’t bought anything from there, but I may in the future:

They sell everything in the U.S.

Just to let you know you could also go to a butcher shop and possibly get some pigs blood some of the ones in my town will sell it to you since it can be used in some foods blood sausage a good example. Its also a good way to get blood for vampires to drink if your into that sort of thing.

I plan on hitting the butcher shops later in the week too. It’ll be my first time using blood so I’m a bit nervous.

I printed out a recipe for blood sausages to take with me so they don’t give me the ‘eye’ when I ask. Lol.

Wish me luck.

Got a few liters of pigs blood in the freezer. The butcher was under the impression I was going to make black pudding, so no biggie.

Then Bran went all Martha Stewart and put them in ice cube trays for easy portioning later. The popsicles might be taking it too far though…

I’m curious, how long can the blood be stored in the freezer and still remain potent?

This might be a better option than continually going back for more blood every week, eh? ;p