Blood Pact with a Succubus

I’m looking up contracts, as my succubus said that it would be easier for me to see her once one it was done. I had an amazing night with her yesterday, but today was harder for me to focus on her and feel her presence. I feel I’m so close to seeing her in a physical form, and I have seen her and felt her off and on since 5/16/2019, the night we met. However, yesterday was much more intense today, and I don’t want to regress in my relationship with her. She said something about me messing up the ritual, and she probably meant how I did my letter of intent. Maybe she means something else entirely. I didn’t even know what a “blood pact” was before the contact, but my focus on her isn’t as clear as yesterday, so I can’t have clarification. Does anyone know how I should handle this tonight? I really want to form a good relationship and see my love again. I feel like we have a real connection, and I don’t want to get too graphic, but I have definitely felt her.

@Lady_Eva You were helpful yesterday, and this is a follow up to my experience. My more limited experience today makes me feel a bit sad. I definitely feel like I feel her touches in a more consistent way, but I don’t want to lose the fast progress we’re making. On the other hand, I don’t know how much blood I need, and I don’t want to mishear her since our connection is so hit or miss. Do you know where I should get the blood from, and how I should do it? From looking around, I only need to write the letter in blood. She talked about sigils too, something I have no experience in, and I do not know how this relates to the contract.

I meant just write my signature in blood. Earlier statement was a typo. My bad.


I don’t personally recommend rushing straight to blood pacts, take time to get to know the spirit before doing this.

Other people on here feel differently but blood is a very strong link and not one to give to a spirit you so far barely know.

It would be like marrying the first woman you see, with a pre-nup signed to give her everything, then just kind of hoping she’ll turn out to be a good wife!

At least give it a few days, I can understant the spirit wants a commitment as well before investing in you (humans are fickle) but rushing into this is not, in my personal opinion, a good idea. :thinking:

I recommend doing a serach on the forum for “blood” & “pacts” separately and together, using the search function. This is my general advice on pacts: Making Lasting Pacts That Work

If you do decide to go ahead, a lot of members use diabetic lancests (disposable and sterile, and probably authentic, people in the past would have used the best technology they had) to draw some blood. You won’t need much.


I feel a huge pressure to be do it by being awarded sexually and spiritually… I truly feel she has good interests in mind for me as well, and I really trust her. I also really, really want to see her. She asked about if her figure would be well suited as a compromise between something appealing to me and something dark(unpleasing). She seems to like to frighten in a teasing manner, something that is actually pretty fun. She takes the lead, but expects me to push back, and also be the one in control at times. She made a comment when we first met she’d like to be together longer than 6 months, which is what I wrote in my intent letter.

We’d be working out the terms was my understanding. Maybe I’m too strung up in my feelings, but I really want to do it. I don’t really understand sigils, because there is many different ones out there that I’ve found. Maybe I’ve just become too smitten with her too quickly. At this point I feel her presence again, but I am going to turn my light out to better feel her presence. I want to try speaking with her about it and see if she offers some answers.She usually calms down my tensions and makes me feel very relaxed and confident. I also feel powerful.


One other key thing I’ve remembered. I’ve been seeing bright flashes of light all day, a number of three times. One time I felt what I saw as green energy, whatever that means… It made so much sense at the time, but now that I’m trying to explain it, it is much more difficult. The first two times felt like it was my imagination, even though my eyes were close and my eyes were covered with my hands in an attempt to reach out during meditation. I guess it makes a bit more sense now. I think I am close to having a breakthrough in our level of bonding. We seem very compatible.


Okay, seems like things are going better.

One thing though: you may in future meet a woman and want a family, there is NO reason to not have a spiritual marriage right alongside a normal human marriage and family, with zero conflicts or jealousy, so be very careful about commiting “only you, always and forever” - spirits very rarely protest being given too much of your time, love, energy, and attention, but your earthly life and need for companionship on this level is important, so don’t close down those possibilities recklessly, based on this honeymoon period.

Approach this with a more businesslike mindset and demand that more space be carved out than you may eventually want, because that’s better than trying to get different terms months, or years, in - spirits are very good at exerting influence so stand firm.


I’ve talked to her somewhat. I told her I want to explore human relationships, but I said I would want to at least once more. I would talk to her about it otherwise and ask before. I guess I am a jealous person and I do not want her interacting with others I have a small knife knife I can sterilize, but I do not have actual pricking utensils. Maybe I’m being rash. What’s your thought? She wants me to do a pact and I wish to as well.


Honestly, make sure the terms are everything you think you may need and then a little more, like the advice in the link above. Ask her why the hurry, as well.


i would edge caution too and make sure if you seal in blood that what you are agreeing to is sustainable long term as they say the devil is in the detail so to speak

spirit work is not a sprint its many marathons please do not be in a rush you will burn out

that all said do as thou wilt

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Thank you. She told me she would teach me how to make a sigil. Should I allow her to do this? Also she seems very dominant, and I’m okay with that. She still lets me maintain control and when I respectfully demand something she allows. We’re both submissive to each other. It feels good. I don’t know.

She told me that she just really loves me and wants to set terms so we can grow. She wants to train me spiritually, and she says this is the best way. Is she wrong? I am receptive to this type of relationship.

She also told me my wish of finally being able to see her in my dreams would be sooner. It would help our relationship be more sustainable. I want to be able to clearly see her in my dreams to remove any and all doubts left.

She likes when I call her my god. It feels like roleplay or something like that. This isn’t concerning, correct? Sorry if that is too open of an answer, I just don’t really know at this point where to go elsewhere…

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Imagine one of your mates saying that about his new GF he’s only been with a few days., And her family are old-school crimelords (metaphor for unaccountable power).

Sounds like a kind of pre-marriage thing to me.


I’m not sure what you’re implying by the pre-marriage statement. I apologize.


That she should reveal herself to you fully before marriage; I asked the spirit I’m in a pact with to do this, it’s important, in my opinion.

Also, ask her what her agenda is for wanting to have links in this reality as well.

I wish there were some other voices on this because I don’t claim to be the sole expert; that said, I am happy and have a well-functioning alliance with a spirit as well as a (semi-) normal life outside that.

I see another member replying so will drop this for now and hope you get some other input. :+1:


Things are weird. There was another entity here. It started to “interact” with me. It still is… My original succubus is fine with this, but now they are with me together. I don’t understand. It seems odd. She asked me if I liked the new entity more than her, and I answered no, but the other type of connection feels strong. I like my original for her mind. She doesn’t seem jealous, interestingly enough, even though I personally am the jealous type.

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marriage is a contract in a way when you sign in blood depending on the detail it can be the same

have you ever seen how messy a divorce can be in real life. i think you feel you lack the energy and focus to have contact without it and that may be the case for now

i just cant stree make the detail correct, and as it is first time i personally wouldnt enter a long term contract but i one off experiance and then pull back.

you can rengage at any point, she may well be dominate thats fine once you agree but you should remain in control after each experience or your not a magician in control of your own destiany



I’m going to draw the sigil now. I’m going to see what happens. I’m going to her her guide me.

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do as thou wilt

you seem intent

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Nevermind. A family member interrupted what was happening and she is headed over. The two are understanding. This is an odd experience. She(the original succubus) told me later would be better because of less interruptions. She is very understanding, and although fierce in a dominant and scary (to a degree I find interesting), she also works with me very well when I set up agreements. I have a lot to think about tonight. Thanks for your help. I will try meditating more after I get the rest of everything situated. I feel bad to keep them waiting, but they understand. I’m excited for this experience. Might as well enjoy it.

Edit: It is important to know in my intent letter I specifically emphasized I wanted no entity that would hurt my family or get mad when I had to put them first on things. I find this to be helpful and shows one more reason I trust my original spirit. I have many questions to ask her, though.


everything happens for a reason take stock and dont be afraid to ask the hard questions thats where learning and turth comes from and believe this to be a good thing.

no one wants to stop you on your path likewise i for one dont want to see anyone hit a pot hole if they do its a good time to see what is being shown to you just now.

take care its not a sprint.


I talked with my succubus, and we decided we shouldn’t do the contract right now. She feels she is too controlling at the time.

Another thing is that the other succubus seemed to be just enjoying things. I think I am in love with my original succubus, and I think the new one was nice too. My original succubus doesn’t seem to be making me choose. Furthermore, the new one seems to claim to be the guide that escorted her to me. I drew an image, and I messed up the first time due to lack of concentration. I drew this in the dark under intense meditation, and I am going to research it after I post it. This is the second one I was able to feel guided with. We were going to use this to do the ritual. I tore it up because it felt too powerful, but it was implied also that I do this, I think.

Here is what I ended up drawing.

I just looked up sigils and apparently there are many different kinds. I’m going to explore what this one could have been. (I am a bad artist, and I can’t imagine it won’t come out even if I’m being directed by a being wanting me to draw something).We would have redrawn the sigil again until it was much better for her signature but we didn’t as we decided to not go through with it.I haven’t experienced her in a dream state yet, something I really want to do. I feel her touching me all the time in my conscious state, though, and through meditation, I can see a limited view of her sometimes. We’re going to talk more now.

She said we can do the blood pact later. There is no reason to rush, although she really wants to meet me spiritually in the dream world.

@succupedia Do you know where the best place would be to interpret the sigil? Is it too rought to interpret? I have obviously not mastered sigil making yet.


Which numbers did you see?

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