Blood magick

I believe everything happens for a reason today my wife got all the top of her teeth pulled out, I was left with her bloody gause pad. Now we are in a situation were we can’t see each other every day. She always hasn’t been loyal or trustworthy to me and right now it’s even harder for me to trust her. I would like to use the gause = her blood to get her to stay loyal to me and boost whatever else I could do with our marriage, the stuff is in the refrigerator safe, zipped locked and safe please help

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Tie the gauze in your left feet and stomp 7 times and pray psalm 111 and leave the house , take it off when you’re home and bleed in a gauze and tie then together , bury in your backyard

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What’s it for???


Keep her close

Took long enough, but better late than never, I suppose lol

@Jizz, how did that work out for you?

Jesus dude, if this is your wife and she has already been unfaithful you need to just leave.
You can’t be with someone who steps out on you and have any respect as a person.
I’m not trying to be a dick but I’ve been in that situation, it’s not fun and it damn sure isn’t healthy. If she steps out, she clearly doesn’t care about you. I know it’s hard but you can’t put yourself in the position of caring for someone who doesn’t give the same basic things back.

Good luck. :heart: