Blood Magic


How powerful is blood magic in any spells ?
And is 3:00 am best hour to do magic ?



There are things which you are asking which have been asked so many times, and when you first join there’s a tutorial that shows you how to find things on the site.

It isn’t that we are trying to stop you asking questions simply that there is already lots of information there - have you seen it?

If you really want to learn, you have to start looking for things for yourself because it isn’t like alexa or siri, and every person’s ritual will have their own power and intent associated with it - use the search :mag:

Typing in Blood gives:

Typing in 3am gives:

The highlighted part is where I had my mouse over it when I took the screenshot

Have a really good look at the site first it really is a gold mine but just check if someone has asked something similar because it may quickly resolve a problem and you may come up with a different question which hasn’t been answered.


I’d say midnight

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From my experience, very powerful. I simply cannont imagine any serious ritual without blood-letting.

For me - yes. 3am perect time for rituals.


Id say between midnight and 4am roughly

My mentor says so.
It is the fusion, of fire and water. Red like the fire, and, liquid like the water.
And it’s also one of the most potent sympathetic link, according to him.
He also said, however, that blood has a binding quality to the intent of the ritual, you are involving it, in. Meaning, it’s difficult to cancel out the intent of the ritual.
And if it’s used as an attack, it’s more easy to trace the source of the attack.

That’s what I remember, but I haven’t studied his works in details, yet. I will, in a few days. So keep in mind, I may have missed a few things.

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Thx all for the answers ( honestly I’m still in doubt i understand dot blood bind real bad people to you )

Not really. I mean sure if you just give it without knowing the spirit you give it too but if you get the right sigils it won’t be harmful.

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