Blood Eagle

I saw this EXTREMELY bad ass style of execution used by the Vikings. I don’t think anyone has posted on this, (I searched twice) So I will share! If you didn’t know about this and you love brutal torture and execution, you are in for a treat!

They pretty much take a knife and carve an eagle on your back and peel away the skin. Then they take a hatchet and cut the ribs from the spine, then they pry them open to look like wings. If that isn’t enough for you, they rub salt on the wound just for fun! And the cherry on the sick ass sundae, is the lovely fact that they pull your lungs out and lay them over the ribs which give a fluttering affect to the “wings” It was NOT a quick death, and it was used on the most heinous criminals.

Here is a badass video someone made with a scene from the show Vikings, and an equally badass song describing it.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween everybody! And a shout out to all the October babies! We have the best birth month ever!

Sorry everyone else! JK!! Don’t Blood Eagle me magically somehow! :joy::joy::joy: