Blood clots from Tooth Extraction

Came from the dentist. Had a big tooth extraction. Lots of blood. Are blood clots and blood from procedure acceptable as offerings?



Menstrual blood often comes out as clots, I don’t see why not.

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Blood from tooth and jaw? Yeah, that’s some fire right there.

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Blood shed to heal and improve yourself through a modern-day kind of ordeal seems totally legit as an offering. :+1:

Unless you’re like this guy, in which case not so much ordeal as sex-magick lol!!

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Not quite as potent as purposefully shed in the moment, but propably ranks a little above or below decent scotch as an offering


You probably want to keep it in there as you don’t want a dry socket - it’ll take forever to heal.

Having said that, if it falls out of its own accord then use it I suppose.