Blood and sexual fluids used dor ascent-Gnosis from Lucifer

So I started my pact with Lucifer a couple of days ago and part of the agreement was for me to contact him everyday during the pact.I got home from work today and decided to start early.I didnt fully evoke him by instead sat in front of my altar to him and lit the candles on the altar plus 2 black candles on either side of me all with his name inscribed upon them.

I began meditating and after reaching the required states I opened the sigil that is drawn on top of the skull I have as part of his altar.I gazed upon the Daemon tarot card (also a part of his altar) to imprint his image in my mind.
I tried to visualize the image in my mind as best I could and began pushing energy into the skull.

I used several incantations such as his invocation and conjuration both found in the book Qabalah,Qliphoth,and Goetic Majic which are both taken from Gtimorum Verum and/or The Grand Grimoire plus EA’s incantation he gives in the Mastering Evocation course.

I did then asked Lucifer to give me a sign he was there.Before i could finish asking one of the candles on the altar began sparking and making sound like a sparkler like kids play with on the fourth of July.

I then asked Lucifer to communicate with me in the best way he could with my current abilities (which is almost always telepathic).I waited and began to get impressions upon my mind but asked again for him to communicate.

I got the impression of some foreign words that I was told to repeat and focus on my ajna chakra as I did.

Still not satisfied I asked for more.
He answered

“Am I not speaking to you now? Do you not trust your own mind?”

He assured me he would make sure my physic abilities would open the more I worked with him.

Then he told me to call him tonight while also giving me insight on why bodily fluids help tremendously while working with spirits geared towards ascent.

“Call me this night.Open the gates starting at eleven.Do not.banish.The keepers will keep out anyone you do not wish to communicate with.Call me in full.Calle me with blood and semen upon the coals.Give yourself unto me fully.This will begin the transformation.The process.With your life force I will transform your very being”

So it seems to me that Lucifer (as well as other spirits like Belial…alot of bloodshed during my pact with him) use the DNA given to make us something…less human perhaps? A type of symbolic death and rebirth from mortal into God.

What are your guy’s thoughts on using bodily fluids in this manner? Not so much of a sacrifice,but more of a means of spiritual alchemy.


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[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:1, topic:6246”]So it seems to me that Lucifer (as well as other spirits like Belial…alot of bloodshed during my pact with him) use the DNA given to make us something…less human perhaps? A type of symbolic death and rebirth from mortal into God.

What are your guy’s thoughts on using bodily fluids in this manner? Not so much of a sacrifice,but more of a means of spiritual alchemy.[/quote]

My thoughts are, do a reading on it! I use the Book Of Fate to check out both spirits and people, see if they’re going to be any good in my loife, it’s never let me down.

Lucifer seems to offer much, and to ask for a lot, I don’t want to say too much more as my experiences with him and his familiars are reasonably limited, and I can’t claim any great expertise or knowledge, that’s just my impression so far.


If I understand correctly, plasma gives off something called radiogens or biophotons. They are used as a cheap, easy source of massively concentrated energy. Truly powerful spirits do not require it, though some may advise you to use it strategically. You must be extremely careful of any spirit demanding blood up front. There are a lot of con artists on the astral.

The requirement of blood should be seen as a corrective to deficiencies in the magician’s ability and/or knowledge. Using a crutch can correct a weakness in the short term, but if you use it too long it can cripple you.

Keep in mind that magic is always call and response, and you should be doing 100% of the calls and the energy you’re calling should be doing 100% of the response. Never take a pleading stance, never place any entity above yourself, and NEVER blindly ask a spirit to tell you what to do or make decisions for you. Ask for specific advice, suggestions, information, etc.

Lucifer is a teacher, but he’s big on teaching by doing, and a HUGE part of what he teaches is proper interaction between the Operator and the energies being called upon. If you put him above you, beg him to tell you what to do, fail to ask probing follow-up questions when they are needed, blindly obey him, place him on a pedestal and worship him, etc, he will gladly demonstrate for you the consequences of behaving this way.

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Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocal, Azazel and many more are ancient spirits with many incarnations. I always find these characters to have immense accumulated knowledge and this is why they should only be approached as a massive learning tool, or when the magician is in a state of metamorphosis thereby needing guidance and enlightenment to lead him down his new path of exploration.

Many misrepresent this factor of dealing with these wise ones and wish to give bodily fluids as a ‘serious’ gesture instead of their own psychic energy initially. I totally agree with Sultitan Itan in regard to showing respect for your own powers. We must recognise these and be in total control of the situation because in reality we are, no spirit controls you unless you invite these ideas into yourself by being too accommodating with your magical practices.

Anything in life that wants too much initially is a bit like some arrogant salesperson who’s just out for what they can get praying on the naive and gullible to make a wage without no respect for themselves or others in the process.

These ancient ones must be given respect yes as their knowledge is vast but it’s like all relationships, it works both ways. Giving blood to them initially is like me giving all my worldly goods to a stranger I’ve just met in the street in the expectation of winning the bloody lottery next week!

Dipping into the deep abyss of knowledge requires hard work and dedication from the magician, I believe we can learn immensely from these spirits but they have to earn their keep just like anybody else.

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I like the idea previously mentioned of using blood and other fluids as not more of an offering in which to appease the spirits, but instead offering it to them as a source of energy. Too many people think old spirits like this want our blood because it’s some wickedly evil ancient requirement and that’s not the case.

I cannot speak for Lucifuge, never worked with him, but some of the others are happy with basic offerings just depends on the task at hand. I’ve felt blood is very powerful and should not be thrown around to every spirit you meet, blood is one of the most sacred offerings in my opinion and the spirit needs to be worthy of such an offering by proving their loyalty to you. But offering blood to a spirit you trust can show, in a way, your dedication to that spirit. Blood is not that hard to come by but the spirits know the life force they can draw from it and to give such a powerful offering to a spirit was intended to be a show of loyalty and can be the start of some great relationships with our spirit allies.

Some prefer to give blood to every entity they meet in hopes of strengthening the bond with all of them but I think the idea that blood is a requirement with pact making is more of an ancient concept that has long since been proven unnecessary, but those you do wish to make a blood pact with is something well worth doing with the right entity.

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I don’t know who might be familiar with one Sorceress Cagliostro, but here is an interesting podcast recording, about the use of blood in magick:

Imo, some of her work seems legit but I couldn’t help thinking this while reading her books: 1) she’s a sexist 2) she’s really got it out to hurt insecure women.

Sometimes you’ve got to draw the line. Some Authors/magicians are out to hurt people too.

Idk, I really didn’t like her books. It just really seemed like she had it out to influence people into hurting themselves.

She is a man hater?