Blood and alternatives

in EAs “works of darkness” he talks about how drinking blood can “strip away the last rivet entombing the god within.” he makes it clear it doesn’t have to be real blood but can be wine or something that has been imbued with the powers of darkness.

so the question is how exactly do i imbue something with darkness? would it be better to use real blood? how much is needed? can i just drink my own? what exactly can i expect to happen when i do this? if it’s best to use some not my own i can think of a few “donors”. would that be worth the hassle? can i achieve all the same stuff by psychic vampirism? (much less messy). really any information on the topic would be appreciated. thank you.

From my experience with Zaniya, if you don’t want/can’t to offer blood because of reason. Then an exquisite wine will do.

Just pick something you find special. A wine which you have tasted before and imagined a big beam of dark matter enter into the bottle whilst you are holding it.

Do the same while you are drinking it, and embrace the warm/cold felling enter you body. Trust me, you know when it happens. You’ll feel quite ecstatic.

Correct me if I’m wrong. But this is what I experience.


i wasn’t really thinking of it in a evocation context. the book seems to convey that just drinking it (and maybe there’s some ritual, but it didn’t lay one out) would produce the effects, onse that can make massive spontaneous leaps in our ascendance? am i reading it wrong?

I wasn’t talking about evocation either. I just passed on the word Zaniya whispered in my ear. Nethertheless also passing on my own experience.

alright. ill try it. thanks.

Just pick a wine that hold significant value to YOU, it doesn’t matter if it cost 1€. Just pick one that you can really enjoy.

The intent after all is key.

no wine does cuz iv never had any. being under legal drinking age, and never had a reason to break that particular law. i don’t supposes soda would work?

In cases like these you should not limit yourself to one method. So pick something you truly feel resonates with you.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this subject.

thanks. ill try it.

There’s alternatives to alcoholic wine that you can get fairly easily. Some can be gotten at the supermarket.

  • Red sparkling cider (sometimes called sparkling wine. It’s usually non-alcoholic and sold around New Year’s)
  • pomegranate juice (can be taken by itself or mixed in a solution. I recommend the latter because of the strength and price of the product)
  • cranberry juice (cheaper alternative)
  • Red teas (not every tea labeled “red” is actually blood red, they’re usually a purplish-red but when brewed for a long time most teas have a strong taste and dark color. A white cup can bring out the redder colors).

Drinking a lot of blood by itself is a medical hazard for many people because the iron in it can upset the stomach. But you can either slowly adapt to it by drinking small portions or mix it with less viscous drinks, if you want to drink actual blood.


thanks for your advice

Let me throw one out here that has not been mentioned. Water. What is your blood mostly made from? What do you think is closer to blood, water or wine? Just a thought. As @Sheogorath said, intent is key after all.

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That was so simple I didn’t even thought of that. Clever!

You can use a diabetic lancet and put several drops of blood in the water, then you can imbue it with your preferred essence whether that be darkness, a particular spirit’s essence, etc. you could also sacrifice a serpent or a mammal.


To imbue it with the desired energy, you must channel that energy into the desired object. Envision the powers of darkness and pull it into you and envision it going from you, into the object.

Also the above responses are good.

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A good quality grape juice (Kedems, Welch’s, Manischewitz, Ocean Spray) can also work. They are usually called “concord grape” juice. If they’re good enough to be considered kosher and used in churches and passover, then I’m sure that they are good enough for your purposes.

I get the frozen can stuff (concentrated) then I can vary the amount of water for the syrupy consistency of actual blood.

Oh, and the Ocean Spray Cran-Grape mix looks similar to real blood IMHO.

Cherry Juice Concentrate, usually sold in the little cardboard milk cartons might be a good alternative. It’s really really dark and left concentrates it’s quite thick.

For general rituals that need a charged fluid i’ll use water. For an offering i’ll use a rum or brandy i like with my blood. If i feel the need to make a specific offer i’ll mix one from various liquors, juices,fruit, ciders Or make a meal as an offering.

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