Blood Ancestry and Spiritual talents or gifts

In the M.E. course Section 1, a reference was made to how there is an inheritance of magical talents or gifts through the blood.

In the vampire section it was mentioned that the homeland of one’s ancestors is beneficial to those lineages which had been born and living on that land for generations.

How then can the physical blood of a family (or perhaps even a clan) be the vehicle for magical abilities and talents,
and why would these gifts be enhanced simply by living in one country or another ?

Well, probably because there is an energetic resonance there, and that resonance can be transferred through the blood. Also, realize that the human genome is mostly unmapped, and by mostly unmapped, I mean that well over 99% of the human genome is completely unknown to the normal human perception. There is an idea that the rest of our DNA, termed “junk DNA”, holds those powers in them, and that expressing them throughout one’s life will unravel them in the DNA. So if a family history of these abilities has a continued practice, it might be a genome expression that is within their current genetic makeup.

Therefore some blood lineages are more sorcerous / magical than others?

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that, but rather than the disposition for it might be more open for people. For most of these things to occur, the right environmental activities have to go down, or else it is likely that it will never reveal itself. For example, my grandfather, my father, and I had diabetes in my family. The trait is pretty strong in the family, but only a few people actually retracted the syndrome connected to that genetic proclivity. However, only a few of us went through it’s expression in our bodies. This was due to some sort of series of traumas, the likes of which were uniquely experienced for us in a way that expressed that genetic trait. Diabetes is heavily stress-induced, and I had some bad stress around the time I was 9-10. I was diagnosed at 13, and diabetes is notorious for taking several years to develop before diagnosis.

So the traits might build, but it would still take some environmental exposure to magick as something real. Kids would be raised watching and experiencing rituals, hearing family magick legends, even participating in lighter rituals. With that environmental exposure, it would probably foster continuous expression down family lines. I also know, however, people with those histories, and yet they got nothing, and most of their family got nothing, because they did not follow in continuing the tradition, being pretty much spiritually cut off. So like anything, in order for the magick line to continue, they would have to practice and immerse in it. This is of course my theory, but I have seen it turn on and off, and have had people reawaken magic from a family line that hasn’t happened for 3 generations because they decided to follow a magic path.

Where you were born is a strong place because your birth was the mast important event in your life, and some of the energy from that still lingers there. Same with the homeland of your ancestors. The energy of their births still linger as well, not to mention you have a minor energetic connection (ties) to your ancestors. When you are in thier homeland you tap into that current and it gives you a “boost” so to speak.

And through one of the various paths of ancestor honoring, you can strengthen these ties and tap into that current wether you are in their homeland or not, though being in the homeland would make it that much stronger.

Even though I have an ancestry of sorcerers, I’m not really sure if it plays that much of a role. After all, what we’re doing in magick is consciously interacting with a field of consciousness that permeates EVERYTHING. Every single person has the same link to the field. And it’s mainly a matter of stilling the mind to access it. So I could be wrong here, but doesn’t that mean that it’s just a matter of how much effort you put into developing your skills in interacting with this field of consciousness?

The effort you put in is the most important. Good point RedIce. Effort is what separates the armchair magician from the practicing magician who learns by direct contact. The thing with ancestory though, is you already have that link and it is easy to strengthen it to to the prevailing connection. Still to this day in countries around the world, even though they are predominitly part of a monotheistic religion, still practice rites of honoring their ancestors; it’s one of the few traditions they hold onto from the old faiths of the land.