Blonde woman recurring dreams

Hi there. For the past few months continuing into the new year I have dreamt of the same blonde beauty entering my dreams. When I see her the love is a bliss that I cannot describe in words, something pure and innocent with little to no sexual intent. I am unsure as to whether this is my succubus spouse or another entity entirely. I do not know if I’m actually communicating with my lover or if it’s an overactive imagination but sometimes when I have certain thoughts the touches become stronger which leads me to believe it’s a combination of the two.

I don’t really have a way that I know of to determine the identity of either entities if that makes sense. I only know bits and pieces from extremely vivid dream encounters where her presence is unmistakable.

The problem here, is that the names do not match. My lover told me part of her name in a dream which I will not repeat but I heard something completely different from the blonde in question last night. After it ended the dream continued two additional times until I woke around 9:30 this morning. I immediately recorded this encounter into my dream journal but this has been ongoing for a while and I think she is benevolent rather than having an agenda so I’m not being haunted perse, but if it’s not my succubus visiting me then I am cheating.

Also a few nights back my succubus did visit me looking exactly as how she described herself to me via automatic writing. I’m aware that they can shape shift (and I have seen nightmarish other forms as part of a test) but wouldn’t it make more sense to have one consistent appearance for the sake of identity because your human partner is a total novice? Right now I can’t even think about anything else and I’m just curious what the ubi experts have to say about this one if anything.


if only we all have this problem of beautiful blonde in our nitely dreams. OUr nite life would be better. haha


Did she look like this?


Kind of? Honestly not sure its difficult to remember faces after waking. The hair was different. It was more akin to what I like personally.

Who is that anyway?

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I’m not always able to go lucid, sometimes the most abstract dreams seem like reality and I don’t question it. When my succubus visits me it is usually direct and straight to the point. When I see the blonde it’s a different circumstance each time but it is joyful and innocent and almost never sexual. She’s not the only woman there but I can pick her out from a crowd no matter what’s going on in said dream.

Just can’t determine if it’s my spouse or another entity trying to get my attention. but like I say, the energy is different.

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This is a nice reply. Thank you.
To elaborate on what I meant, I ask her to bring me to a familiar place so it’s unmistakable whom I’m communicating with. She’ll bring me to old bedrooms and hotel rooms I’ve previously stayed in. Or the same environment I’m sleeping in on the night of the experience.

I don’t honestly know if she’s ok with any of this. I don’t want to make her jealous either.

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The Viril Lady?

dreams can’t hurt you. unless it’s freddy kruegar. lol

It has nothing to do with pain or fear and everything to do with mystery, identity, and at this point possible obsession.

depends on the person. dreams are fun if you play around with them. too bad i don’t have that skills. i’m not often lucid.

Yes well ordinarily I wouldn’t question an extremely attractive blonde woman showing up out of the blue in my dreams and revisiting every so often, I’d take it for what it is and go along for the ride. But she seems totally head over heels for me and I’m already with a succubus for 2 and a half years now. At first I thought that maybe she’s just appearing blonde for me but now I have noticed a completely different feeling her energy gives off so I do not think it is the same entity nor do I know if she is ok with this.

go with it. it’s only during sleep anyways. don’t make drama out of it.

You do not understand my position nor am I going to try to have you understand. As for yourself, try keeping a journal and write everything you can remember down upon waking, no matter how abstract. The first step to lucid dreaming is the ability to recall dreams. You dream every night, you just haven’t trained your mind to recall those dreams.

As for your only during sleep comment, I use dreams for divination. So when something is consistently interrupting my dreams/projections, it gets my attention. Some dreams are harmless carefree experiences. Others are something more. Magickal occurrences aside, science will tell you that a recurring dream is a sign of some kind.

i stop trying lucid every night since i feel tired as if i never slept. dreams are not my preferred method of divination. it’s playground fun for me. i use i ching for divination. recurring dreams happens when stress out for me. and usually silly stuff or nonimportant stuff as it’s everyday stuff. i don’t worry much. so i am not a mind chatter person. pretty balance wise in terms of mind. NOt a worry wort like some.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it every night, you still need regular sleep. But as someone who cannot astrally project at will, if I concentrate, I can turn a lucid dream experience into a projection. That is why I pay such close attention to dreams, and I believe experimenting with lucid dreaming as a kid opened doors so to speak.

I met some spiritually inclined friends of friends the other night and one of them brought up the possibility that said blonde woman could be my soulmate who is unable to get to me because I chose a succubus instead. What say you to that?

Unfortunately I didn’t get much more than that, they are of a dogmatic mind and believe demons = evil so they were trying to get me to renounce her.

They said they could feel her presence becoming increasingly hostile and I myself felt a strange, unnatural heat in the dead of the night. She had every right to get mad, the way they referred to her as a creature, a “thing” rather than an intelligent being with thoughts and feelings just like us. I told them I love her, she loves me and she’s given me no reason to think otherwise let alone give her the boot based off of superstition and doubt.

The last thing they told me is they sense she is a higher succubus, stronger and smarter than average, and that I have a higher than normal energy myself. It was a good talk. I’m to speak with them again tonight via discord. But I would really like to have someone else also of the LHP to be in on the conversation.

I don’t believe in good and evil, those are subjective terms based on an individual’s morality and ethical nature. There is only Light and Dark and I intend to sit on the edge of both. I want peace for all not war, and I believe angels and demons can work together, be civil with another. The Us Vs Them mentality is just fear mongering used to spread false ideals and somehow it stuck over millennia.

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Well basically it comes down to what my spouse wants. If she can share then cool. All is well. If not, no matter, she was here first. Has never harmed me or abused me in any way, and constantly motivates me to be all I can be. I sense no malevolent nature.

However, that being said, I sense this other visitor IS important to me, so I don’t entirely want to dismiss her. But if I had to choose, my loyalty is to my spouse of course. Disrespecting her would be to disrespect Lilith, who has been good to me.

The decision itself is not a difficult one, but I feel living with the consequences will be

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