Blocking telepathy?

Anyone here know to stop sending telepathic messages constantly to a false twin flame?

Telepathy is a connection. Sever it.

Learn some basic energy work. Cut the connection. Shield yourself. Ward against the connection/person. If you don’t want this ‘twin flame’ back in your life, banish them and their energy. Then forget about them.

A lot of budding empaths have trouble with ‘picking up’ on things, and learning how to make a good strong shield really improved their condition. Its all about taking back control of your own abilities, and filtering what you put out/take in. It will take some practice.

Number work mantras is my go to, “All is within me” reinforces the structure of 1, yet still opening connections allowing you to keep your thoughts to a self personal level. Instead of the nasty guesswork of “but is that actually me?”

As far as false twin flame. I’d call that your shadow. Realization of shadow self is a strong trait to pick up. If you don’t know your self, you won’t know your enemy.