Blocking/shielding question? Thoughts and energy

So from my time here, I’ve learned that we have less privacy from the spiritual world/beings then we do on the physical. That spirits can “see through” you, and your thoughts aren’t as private as I PERSONALLY would like mine to be.

I would like to know a way to sheild/block my mental thoughts/energy from being “read” by just ANY spirit/demon/being UNLESS I choose to let them know that. Kinda like how normal mudane physical humans (unless gifted/aware) can’t just know what’s on my mind or read my energy. This is something to me that HAS TO BE EARNED. Trust is a major factor and yes sometimes issue for me, and it unsettles me that I’m more of an open book to spirits and such then I personally would want to be.

Even if I try to start a relationship with a spirit/being…I’d want to wait before letting them know me like that…it’s just a matter of privacy and I’d rather wait till I can TRUST a being before letting them read me like that. I prefer my thoughts to stay with me and not be there for anything to pick up on.

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The huge difference is that virtually every daemon is not as judgmental as humans are or can be.


I understand that, but i strongly believe that knowing my private thoughts/me is something that has to be earned with trust/etc. Especially if I cannot get the same information/read the daemons the way they can me. It’s an unfair exchange of information.

Your mind is as open as you allow it to be. These entities are no different from humans. If they don’t know how to read minds are delve into your psyche they’re just as blind to your thoughts as any other human.

However depending on the being they’re just as judgmental if not more than humans. I’ve met racist entities that saw their race above others lol, It’s simply that.

Your privacy is only limited if you’re one of those people that believe beings nonhuman have this automatic capability of reading you because you’re human.

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So I’ll just will my mind closed then, lock my mind up - and hide the key.

Everyone’s mind has natural barriers and defenses, even when mental diving someone you’re met with all kinds of labyrinths and such even a nonpractioner has. However a practitioner is capable of delving into their own mind and setting up further defenses with practice.

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I am not sure if its possible to shield your thoughts. They can definitely read your mind. Its more then that. If you have a succubus, they can feel when you are excited etc. You can try to meditate to learn to control your thoughts better and when you communicate, be more reserved.

Worth is up to the individual

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I’m basically asking what’s the point of doing that? It comes off a bit redundant, like more “cool sounding occult stuff.”

It’s like how some LHP would swear by this kind of stoicsm; then you meet them and they’re as polarized as non-practitioners.

I don’t see how mental defenses is a redundant thing.

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If this is true, then what about setting defenses makes it absolutely necessary, if not redundant?

Tell me, do you see anywhere me stating that those natural barriers are invincible? It would be silly to think just because something has natural barriers that those barriers are going to be incapable of being bypassed. There’s quite a few people who can bypass the mind’s natural barriers.

So with that said, it’s clear extra security is not a redundant issue.

I don’t know man. I still don’t see the point.

By your logic of no barriers being impenetrable, wouldn’t those just get breached too?

Natural barriers and barriers made with your own specifications are two different things. Nothing is impenetrable but improvements are not a bad thing. It’s better to improve then to look stupid while doing nothing.

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I actually think it’s all stupid–“shielding your thoughts from being read.” That’s ridiculous. They can’t read your thoughts. No one can.

Refocus your priorities. Don’t worry about this.

That’s a newbie’s mentality but to each their own. Anyone can learn to read thoughts, humans and nonhuman entities.

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