Blocked from having sex

Vassago told me that I was being blocked from having sex (for at least) until the new year. I have asked why and I don’t really get an answer as to why. He told me that there was a very strong energy that was blocking me, and that there was nothing that I could do to stop it or undo it because this is a great power. That neither a spell or a cleansing… or anything… will undo it.

As to why, Vassago said that I have no choice to be by myself during this period and that it has something to do with my ex. What I don’t know is if that means he has done something, or if it is because of the spells I did, or some unknown thing I can’t see.

I know that my ex has interfered with my most recent relationship (a mutual friend) by telling new guy lies about me. This has been confirmed by three recent weekly tarot readings and an oracle reading that all read the same. Sabotage, backstabbing, deceit, stalking. This male friend of ours went from super eager to take me out to barely speaking to me… virtually overnight.

But that doesn’t explain the other instances of guys he doesn’t even know.

I have been blocked since around mid November. I have had a couple of men take an interest in me and we go out, etc. I get some attention from men when I go out to different places, work, etc. But multiple times lately, we get to the stage of moving to the next level and having sex, and then it’s literally overnight they magically lose interest and distance themselves. And I mean from 60 to zero interest, like hitting a brick wall. Even a reliable FWB has made plans with me three times, only to suddenly cancel the day or night before each time.

It’s so irritating and I don’t understand how a ‘great power’ could be blocking me and yet Vassago wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me who or what the energy comes from. If it was Lilith or another entity then he would tell me. My ex doesn’t practice or believe in witchcraft. He’s an atheist. I lost my patience and got really mouthy to Vassago about it and he cut me off and I couldn’t make contact with him for a while after that.

I’m not sure I even know what advice I am asking for. How can Vassago (or any entity) NOT know what power is affecting you? Is it possible that there are such powerful things like this that you and/or entities cannot reverse? If it is my mere mortal ex, then surely that’s not a ‘great power’ and so wouldn’t it be reversible?

It’s frustrating and it would help if I could figure out what the heck was going on.


This sounds like it’s maybe an astrological thing, especially since Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 30th — right around the time Vassago told you the block would end.

Venus would have also moved into Libra around the time the block started too. Might be that there’s some conflicting energy in your own chart with these two signs.

There’s ways to get around or deal with difficult and aspects, like spells done prior and during to help lessen the effects or talismans/objects powered when you have a stronger connection with those energies. I’d want to hear your take on this or if you’d even want suggestions on this before delving further though


break that and have sex, if that’s the big problem, look for casual sex.
I honestly don’t believe that Vassago, doesn’t know, this smells like an obsessor or inferior spirit pretending to be Vassago.

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I am not really looking to break anything at the moment. I’m mostly just curious as to what it all means.

The idea that there is some immovable block on me seemed difficult to believe. Astrological blocks never occured to me. That does seem like it could fit.

I was thinking that maybe it was a protective measure. For example, keeping me from doing something I might not be ready for even though I think that I am. Because I keep getting “Trust Divine Timing,” “Ancestors / Spirit Guides,” and “Divine Intervention” cards in my oracle readings too.

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That’s just it.

I am up front and honest from the start, and let everyone know that I am wanting casual and not interested in a relationship right now. They agree and seem really eager. Everything is agreed upon and then… BAM, without explanation they go ice cold and they’re gone.

My FWB is always casual and he’s never canceled on me. Except now it has been three times in a row.

I just assumed it was a dry spell… after all, everybody has those sometimes. But the same exact pattern has now happened with the last 4 guys that I’ve met, and with FWB too.

I’ve since had it confirmed in readings that it isn’t a coincidence and it is on purpose.

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Well, your ex, for example, may have done a soul binding with you, and this ritual, if done well, ties you to him “forever”.
undoing it is complicated and the symptoms are the ones you reported, everyone moves away, everyone becomes interested in you and then they run away, and at a key moment, he reappears in your life and you are unable to have relationships with anyone and if he does, Maybe a kiss feels bad or remorseful.

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So it could be both…

Even though astrology can seem like a rigid system, it’s more fluid in some ways than it would seem.

Astrology can feel like it’s all distant forces, but I think is a result from a disconnect someone might feel with the deities they know to be associated with the planets and lights. Western astrology uses a Roman (and by proxy, Greek) pantheon of deities, so if someone doesn’t feel a connection with them, they’re (in general) not going to feel these energies quite as strong.

Many cultures have their own astrological methods, deities, and spirits, lore and whatnot. There’s not really anything that stops someone from using a different system or pantheon provided that the deities or spirits they work with match the archetypes of the planets of the system they’re working with.

Considering that, I would still read a difficult Venus transit as “Divine Timing” as well “Ancestors / Spirit Guides” and “Divine Intervention.”

It might also be that Vassago couldn’t tell you what force was blocking you because there’s an entity with Venusian traits and abilities that you simply don’t have a connection with yet.

(I’m getting a rather strong sense of one but I feel like I should ask you if that’s something you want to hear before imposing.)

I’m open to hearing any theories at this point. This is all very interesting to me.

One othe thing I forgot to mention. I continuously get the cards “Saturn/Commitment/Contract” and “Soul Ties” and “Reunion/Integration” with the other oracle cards I mentioned aboved.

All of the above had led me to believe that this blockage was meant to keep me from leaving the path of fulfilling a soul contract. That getting involved in casual situations right now will distract me and prevent me from that reunion/integration.

But I have struggled with that idea because part of me thinks that, if I am meant to fulfill a contract and experience a “soul ties reunion,” nothing should be able to get in the way of that or cause a distraction, right?

Update… Still not sure what the reason for the blocking was, but it ended exactly when and how Vassago had told me that it would.

I’m believe that it was on purpose to force me to put the brakes on my love life and do some introspection about the relationships and people I’ve been involved with. And also, to take inventory on the one I got out of halfway through 2023. I believe Vassago wouldn’t tell me why I was blocked because that was my lesson to learn.

Being blocked kept me from making several mistakes in a row because I was becoming very reckless post-breakup. Several people who pursued me were in my close friends group and, had I gone fully reckless, there would have been hurt feelings and jealousy and the friendship circle would have been destroyed.

While it was very frustrating, I can see the full picture now and I’m very grateful that I was pushed to stop and put things into perspective.

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