Blessings of Sorath

For those of you who feel discontent with your life. Whether it be magical stagnation or just real world boredom, may I suggest you call out to Sorath.
Offer up your current life and he will burn it all to ash in an instant. He will then show you how to call forth perfection from these ashes.
Never again will you need to ask other spirits for help or bargain with demons: Sorath is the path to true independence.
Anyway, that’s my bit of preaching out the way. Seriously though, he’s well worth having a chat with.


Hmm I might actually, what’s his likes/dislikes, is his voice soft or raspy?

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He has a powerful and commanding voice.
He doesn’t have loads of dislikes, just try and remain independant and don’t lose focus of your goal.
Ultimately he’ll want to try teach you to be a powerful sorcerer, independant of other magical influences


I completely agree with you. Well written.
Sorath is a powerful Demon on so many levels. Many changes in a Sorcerer’s reality and ascension can be made by working with him.


Were I can find info on him? Thanks

EA has a couple vids on him actually


As black coyote said, check out EA’s video. I’ll have a look for some other good sources though


Any sigils relared to him?

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As my goal was personal, I created one myself. It’s an approach id recommend but if you don’t fancy it then I imagine a quick Google search would yield a few

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I wanna say one of EA’s grimoires has one but I’ll have to double check

Update: nvm maybe he’s not… Assuming since his office has to do with the sun, if there’s a solar square you could get a sigil out of that

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Thanks bud

Thanks black coyote

I personally would recommend this Sigil.

  • Those sigils like this one, i consider to be similaer to “Astral Path describtions”.

Try Drawing it on the Kaballah,
you’ll notice something.

Then try drawing it on your Body,
you’ll notice something again!

Plus, this Version is ment to directly empower the SELF,
aswell as bringing forth those Energys and Powers,
very directly.

I guess just from my current life Situation,
it seems very obvious that Sorath works on me currently,
yet, i will also work Forward on this.

i’d strongly recommend to ask Sorath the following 2 questions:

How can i create, strengthen and maintain, my personal Serviator Deitys for Higher and Lower Self,
as well as how can i Keep in good Control and peace within me, having those integrated into my self.

These 2 Questions, seem to be an Importend Topic in relative work with him.

However, that’s my personal opinion.

Any other isides are very welcomed !!!

Thanks. :slight_smile:




For anyone who seems a Little experiantive:

There are different aspect’s, corelated to Situations.

So one good Option - if someone is capable of These astral-timetravel-Actions:

Getting a very old Version of your future self to be Lower Self (Demon)
And a very Young Version of your past self to become your Higher Self / Holy Guardian Angel.

Thereby, you would at least theoretically,
Combine all the span between These two,
to hold your other Chakras in between in a state,
less dependand on others,
also less abusable by other magicians.
Since, whenever they attack you,
they have to deal with a whole variety of personality,
instead of the momentuary snap shut called “now” or “precense”.

however, those are just idea’s i wanted to push out here. :wink:

So Basicly your Demon is to represent an old,
grimmingly happy guy,
who fighted his way through life.

And the Higher Guardian Angel i would even take in consideration,
a Pure Female Young, divine, innocent force,
which heals and takes care, and Feeds and noutrishes your whole being.

Such workings of Course, have to take place on several planes,
which they do, as far as my results and guidiances Show to me.




For a even deeper Approach,
and darker participant’s
I’d rather suggest this sigil,
Being the Solar Energy in it’s most purest essence.

  • For anyone who feels overtaken by the powers of FIRE!!!
    taken in by These workings,
    i highly suggest, both physical water and water-Deitys (i had great success with Leviathan), to counteract the sheer force of BURN, and Balance it all out. :wink: :sunny: :blush:

Asenath Mason has a very potent sigil for Sorath in one of her books.
I highly recommend all of her works. Well developed and powerful works.