Blessings for the Forum and all that I have worked with


I called the shadows, and the infernal armies to join me and then I called Lucifer and Satan to burn away the obstacles that are holding back my brother and sisters, and to have Satan raise his banner to oppose all that would seek to stop their ascent.

Working with the Celestial is starting to affect me. I think I am gonna like this.

True, I called upon darkness, but the intent was based in love. Baby steps, I can’t just kick in the gates and immerse myself in the Light.


Baby steps :heartpulse:


when did you do this by the way?I´m asking because I did a ritual with ahriman and az jahi just a couple nights ago. The ritual was about abolishing all of the negative influences of all gods of false light. Oh, the syncronicity.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I think you would like the lighter beings, especially the ones that got a hidden dark side.


Name any?


Work with them and find out.


4 hours ago.