Blaspheme for hearing ability?

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V.K.Jehannum here says that blaspheme 6 times would make you hear spirits!

I do think this helps you get out of the religion dogma mentality, but gives you Clairaudience? Is this for real?
:rofl: like chanting fu*k would open my hearing! I try not to hate on religion as much…

Maybe if you have religious programming to overcome? :man_shrugging:

Otherwise, I’m calling BS. If that was the case, then every teenage Satanist who blasphemes the Christian God would suddenly begin to hear the voices of spirits and that just isn’t the case.


One time in the middle of the night, I was making my way to the bathroom when I stubbed my toe on a piece of furniture. I blasphemed at least a half a dozen times. I can say from experience that it didn’t cause me to hear spirits unless you count the vodka bottle that I almost knocked over.


:rofl: lol!