Blackout while gazing at sigil

Odd experience I can’t really describe. Maybe some of you can help.

I decided to go for a scrying session with my black mirror.

In front of the mirror, the sigil of the Spirit and 2 little tea light candles on each side of the scrying device.

I talked to the Spirit while gazing at the sigil. Then I gazed at the mirror.

After some times I gazed again at the sigil (flashing) and didn’t move my gaze from it while talking to the Spirit, saying his name from time to time and asking the Spirit to show up in my mind or send me some mental picture.

I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I blacked out.

And this is because my consciousness came back that I realized that I lost it for maybe 2 seconds. Like when you’re in the void, almost sleeping, and feel you’re falling which make you be conscious again.

Therefore, there was no shift of consciousness, it happened with no transition at all : “moment A” I was gazing at the sigil, and “moment B” few secs later I was getting back my counsciousness (knowing then that I had lost it).

Did that already happen to some of you ?

An idea about what it was ?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

ps : I hope I’ve been clear to explain what happened, this is not easy to describe

I’ve had similar experiance. It’s just dipping a bit deeper into theta where you are pretty much asleep. Some spirits energy push that faster especially when doing healing. Time is very elastic on the crossroads. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to “jump” from awareness in deep TGS in a few secs ??
Never happened before and to tell the truth, when I came back it was a bit scary since I did not undestand why I lost control without realizing it.

So it could have happened/enhanced because of the powerful energy of that special Spirit ?

Yes. It’s just like if you’re relaxed meditating but then walk into the room and see yourself sitting there meditating. That odd astral jump thing I think is common but can be so quick it usually goes unnoticed.

Thanks so much.

Since this happened whereas it was the very first time I was gazing at that Spirit sigil I guess this is a good sign to pursue the work with that powerful being.

I’ve had the same thing happen with a candle. You blink and suddenly half the candle is gone, and you’re going WTF. Its just falling super deep into trance. It’s actually almost a guarenteed sign of success

I have had a similar experience. When I started to black out I felt the spirit I was working with enter my body and ride me. This may not be what happened to you, but if it is this may mean that the spirit wants to form a deeper relationship with you.

Well, now that you’re bringing this subject onto the table…

Considering the very particular Spirit I had called I indeed wondered if he did not try to possess me for a short while. Kind of “hello, I heard you”.

Best thing I guess is to keep on working with that Spirit and see if that peculiar thing repeats.