Black sun & weird ass dreams

ok so first off i thinnk this is a pretty good to place this thread. it just seems fitting. anyway so past three days out of 8 ive had lucid friggin dreams, in one i was smoking meth, the one after i saw my own grave plus my mothers and my brothers, i did write down the dates that were on the graves. then last night and this morning i had a dream i had kids (i cant stand children nor do i want my own) and my dad was there for whatever reason and it started off as me being in some military school then got on a bus and wound up at a hospital and next thing i did was ask my dad why we were here he said for my kids check ups and im like wtf i dont have kids what the shit. sure enough here comes two mini mes runnin around so my ass left the hospital and went to a bar just left the kids and my dad there haha. anybody have similar dreams or experiences? oh yeah and this morning when i went to make the sun set i walked through some sort of gate while it was setting. whats that supposed to mean?

more weird shit to add, i keep seeing a being that looks like set. he says nothing but ive seen him three times…any thoughts cause i am at a loss. plus i walked through another gate last night. i had a spirit ive never met seen or heard of before, he told me not to reveal his name, but told me i needed to go through 4 gates…

Can you describe more what the spirit/s look like?

Set is coming more to prominence right now, I’m going to be doing so me work with him on Sunday (9/11/16) in alliance with Bael and some other spirits, it’s interesting that you’re happening across the same crowd as a result of your work. :slight_smile:

Belial is associated with 4 Beings including Set. 4 Gates:

Set, Osiris, Isis, Horus…OR

Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, Belial.

the spirit was a sjape shifter one second he looked like a short robed figure then changed to a frill lizard with a short human body then a chameleon type lizard. and when i went through the first gate i was asked some questions before proceeding and as we were walking through the rest of what was inside the first gate there were people being tortured and fire and just…screams coming from everywhere, they were loud as mess but yet me and the spirit calmly continue walking and talking in a normal voice, his voice was similar to how belial sounded on the youtube book of azazel. the second gate was similar to the first but there was nobody but me and the spirit were there that i could see. last night was different i was all alone somewhere else a desert with one tree in the middle near where i was standing. and i looked left and saw three pyramids. set definitely was there this time he said over come the challenges that lie ahead and we will speak more. then just vanished…

The tortured dying screaming souls is the negative karma that was dumped in order to make room for good karma.

youre gonna have to elaborate a little more on that biosnyth

The new spirit you walk with calmly walked by them as you said meaning they are of no consequence to him. In this physical world those that burn and either away are usually of no consequence…or… If it is positive it is rather an act of passion, to which a Dark Being you encountered would rather “cool” pay attention to them. When you die your body is burning with energy before it releases it. Such tortures would are the byproduct of a world, a dimension, a timeline, a lifestyle that you are perhaps being led to walk away from. A negative existence. Many will try to cling, to distract you with negativity of all kinds, laugh at you, discourage you, or whatever to catch your attention. The Being like you mentioned from my understanding and experiences was ignoring it, because it’s as if he is walking through the A hassle Hell (the Hell of others is own making) which is basically karma unintentionally (or intentionally) bring projected onto you or around you by others… It he just sloughs it off as it is nothing and not a part of his reality, wouldn’t let it be a part of his reality or yours.

This is part of the test, walking through the world (the Abyss of things that are of no consequence) and only going towards your Goal, the only thing that matters.

It is also the path of realizing power and how it operates in this world, not just simply holding onto it. Because power exists more than just simply in quantities. There is also a certain power by Walking away.