Black Sun Rebirth- my first energy work creation

Been going through some stuff and was told I had to go inside myself, to find myself and free myself…wtf!!! So, being able to slowly visualize again, this ordeal I was in caused me to think like a serpent and shed. But, using an EXTREMELY rediculous enormous amount of energy to try and cleanse/burn away bullshit. I call it “Black Sun Rebirth” and you will need to sit or kneel, visualize and try and feel everything that’s going to happen. You do this while standing and bust your ass that’s on you lol. Bring a guardian/entity with you for the end part in case what happened to me happens to you and they might be able to explain it better than any human can.

Step 1: Get in the zone and kick your visuals in. Raise the black sun from the west, center it and have it in the sky so you barely have to tilt your head up. Ask it to highlight anything attached/spiritual lice, blockages, etc. Next, instruct it to blast you with everything its got to crystalize everything highlighted including your skin, all chakras and aura and don’t stop no matter how much pain you’re in our how much you want it to until everything’s solidified. IMPORTANT: you should look like you’re getting hit with a black Kamehameha from the Black Sun. The sound of energy blasting you will drown out your screams if you have time to. You must feel like your caught in a nuclear explosion physically- the heat, force of blast, abosrbed. If done right you will physically feel shit happening to you IRL- don’t puss out just roll with it you’re strong enough. Hold your ground and DO NOT blow away. First time I did I physically slammed/jolt into the couch and got knocked right out of visualization.

Step2: when this stops you will look like a living crystal in whatever position you were cooked into so have some fun with how you end up lol. Now, mentally say “shockwave”. Imagine the sun strobing blasts of force slamming against you like a pissed off Hulk. This should be fast around 4 beats per second. Every blast starts crumbling everything and eventually you will be able to move around. Empower your aura. The “new you” will be different for everyone. Have your guardian/entity scan you for any left overs you can fix later.

When I did this process, something unexpected happened which I had no intention of happening or even on my mind at all. When the crystal broke away I was as black as obsidian without the shine and I noticed something was off/different. Something said “ignite me” so I started breathing heavily and I burst into flames. These were no ordinary flames I was living black flames. I was so excited I belted out some demonic-as-fuck word as a viking roar and a white cross shape outlined in black energy ripped existence where I was open. It warped the energy in the area it appeared in and looked like a door/gateway…and then I physically passed out. Just thinking of this as Im texting this my real flesh from the nose down and chest is feeling like the black flames again. Whatever the hell was the demonic word I shouted is a mystery but it allowed me to rip existence a new asshole and warp reality lol.

I lost track of time and was visualizing for about 45 minutes before passing out and when done woke up drenched in sweat so be prepared for a shower.


You had me at “black kamehameha from the black sun”.

Will give this a shot.


I’ll have to try this.

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Anyone try this yet?