Black salt

Has anyone ever made and used this particular goody. I read about black salt on a hoodoo forum and I’m thinking about making a pouch. Any advice and stories would be appreciated


There are a few ways I know to make this.

Recipe 1:
Grounded Charcoal
Grounded Dragons blood

Recipe 2:
Blood of the user
Red brick dust
Dragons blood grounded

Recipe 3:
Grounded Charcoal
Dragons blood.

Also, it does not have to be pitch black to work.


I agree with those stated Recipes, those do work.

Recipe 4:
Burned, Grounded Chicken Bones,
MSM Sulfur
Optional - Incense burning ashes
Optional - Graveyard Dirt
Optional - Animals Blood (NOT SORCERERS BLOOD, since you don’t want that Energy to attach to yourself)

When i did that version i had spirits come and warn me to never mix Bone Salt with Black Salt, which made me very curious of why that is so forbidden.


Good day, stumbled upon this thread just now after… Just getting some black salt yesterday, as it is quite difficult to procure where I am from, you have to travel quite the distance to get… Would somebody please just clarify with regards to what type of working would these recipes or black salt be apt for. Thanks & Regards

Throw in some graveyard dirt if you like, causes suicidal tendencies in your target, drives them insane :slight_smile:

black him salt comes by nature

hoodoo black salt is useful use with war water and crossing powder all in a glass jar and break it on someones door step

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I like recipe 4 with ingredients is it equal weight per ingredient eg.
1 kg of burned chicken bones
1 kg of salt
1 kg of MSM Sulfur
1 kg of graveyard dirt


i’ve tried my black salt to do a curse powder back then.

it was part of transitioning out of a relatively safe job,
with the most decend pay looking back at it.
well, at least compared to now.

So, i haven’t seen the girl supposed to be affected to be harmed.

but that may have been due to my low charging of the black salt.

I however, gained tons of expierience when i went out of that job,
and followed the guidiance which i had asked for before.



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Just work out the best formula.

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well, i’ve seen the company in need of external workforce, (she was secound in command, serving only the boss directly)
i just didn’t count it as her being hurt.
i’m quite confident she hadn’t had an easy time after i left.

but you know, a little accident would have been more visibly enjoyable. :smiling_imp: