Black rainbow dream

Had this vivid dream of a black rainbow.
I took its picture, right next to my childhood home.
When i woke up, i heard this : Di showh dzjik an khaas clear as day.
I played with the words, and got this from Google Translate :
Country Specialization, World of Worlds, from the language Gujarati.
Anyone have some feedback on this ?

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Did you work with a Demon recently before?

Sounds like an answer to a summoning.



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thats interesting i have very little clue maybe a demon if you worked with one or a vision one was showing you still pretty trippy dream

I did, i do all the time.
Some signs they give me are fast and obvious, this i feel has a deeper meaning to it.
It probably will make sense later on.
Thank you for your time :sunglasses:

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its gujarati, latin and Somali. it translates to I showcase a special god. roughly. So its defo a deity that has to do with a black rainbow, it has something to do with your past as a child.

Really interesting, thank you so much!

Did I showed jack an ass?

What’s a black rainbow look like?

Kind of like the dark rift.
Black center, lighter jagged edges

Picture the rainbow more “solid”, full black in the middle, and sharp edges in more subtle grey.
I work too much, so i have little time to deep-meditate, so i ask for my dark friends to give me info via my dreams.
Anyways, hope you enjoy, space i beautiful.
Micro and macrocosm, the black maelstroem also; indeed <3

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