Black pullet = magical scam?

You know Ive read it from beginning to end and it seems like that.

It sure doesnt follow Qbl as its cirrespondences in some talismans just dont fit (mixed planetary symbols, not related to the tasks of the talisman)

I read somewhere I dont recall there were many fake grimoires sold out there just to make money of them.

What do you think of it?

Show me evidence of an authentic grimoire.

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Hahaha well that i think of it Almost all have something invented by his author, even they work yes you’re right

The Black Pullet’s a good grimoire though, just use the pictures as sigils.

If a grimoire is old enough, even if it was written as fiction if enough people belive in what is written there, the entities inside it will become real. From what I understand the black pullet has been around for awhile so you should be able to get something out of it.

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Aha, ill give it a try then

Interesting that you post this, as I was just recently noticed how a few “occult” teachers that I feel know their-stuff have mentioned that they recommend the BlackPullet as one of the top Grimmoires (of them all)…
some others assoc are Aggripa and others as source-references, but also of those that are “proven-recipe/processes”…

so thinking on that (and how its a bit different from others? almost more alchemy-symbols of the Bird-Language/Green mythos style) made me ‘back-burner’ to look into it someday, and seems another on the same wavelength (as I haven’t ever dove_into it)

The question is: whether the Grimmoire is something read and followed (like a cookbook instructions as directives), or

read as if one is watching/observing another go through experiences (what is described, you sense/experience inside- like a movie or engaging-char fiction book ~3rdperson), or

if it says “you” or “I” and you follow- but where the reading itself (not to be decyphered and done later, and not just in the explicit “story-experience”… but as a result of the puzzling out the book [sort of “the King in Yellow” mixed with the ‘Ninth Gate’ and a bit of the box/cube of the Cenobytes);

thus literally the ‘Journey over the destination’ and ‘achieve not so much for the having, but for what the achieving will have made you into.’ (does the metal foresee either the experience or the result-benefits of the Tempering process?)-

I’m not sure why the end of this post became all poetic-seeming, but flowed there- just thought to note the first part… I had been and am curious of what others get out of that text specifically.

[as the saying goes, “you can’t unSEE what you’ve see.” -the flipside of “If I only knew then what I know now…” everything would be different… the AHA]

Oh yes its kind of interesting story, the sage of the piramids, it takes oneself into the story.

We luckily live in 2013 and have magick theories well extended, as it requisites to make the takismans rings are quite demanding (thank HP Deskjet and your cheap printers)

There are spirits with quite interesting Jobs