Black mist surrounding me

I haven’t meditation recently but I keep seeing this black mist forming around me when I go into a meditative state does anyone know what this is ?

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The black mist could symbolizes uncertainty or lack of knowledge as to your meditative state and is usually a vision preceding break throughs or revelations. A gray zone between reality and unreality, and uncertainty about the future. A transformation into the astral plane reaching beyond your consciousness into the abyss.

Hmm interesting.

OP you can try meditating on blue flame placed in the centre of your chest, middle dan tien. Then after some time of meditating, visualise growing and expanding. I was given this method by Enoch Petrucelly, it has some potential to open up your astral senses.

Fear. Any subconcious or unconscious fear has the tendency to put one in a “guarded” state. This can be observed with a black aura. Unless you are consciously protecting or guarding, which would explain things.

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