Black market

I wonder if there is a black market Demon, to help with currency, to manipulation, because if there is i would have one as a familiar as a Demon Butler, very professional in manipulating the stock markets to only effect gold so i can ivest in 5 to 10 Tones of gold over 5 years so this is how i would want it to work i would ask King Belial, if a Demon black market Demon Butler with 666 minions that works for the Black market Demon Butler to have as a familiar appears when i am in need and ask to affect price of 24 caret gold bullion right, only affect price of gold, but leave everything the same living still the same, prices of goods and services remain the same, bills still the same, only the price of gold, the Demon Butler use a Dark power to Docile the stock workers, to Dumb them, by manipulation as well as government so they think nothings wrong and drop the price of gold reducing 1kg 24 caret gold bullion to $100 a ton so i can purchase between 5 to 10 tones of gold with certificate of purchase of gold so have it a way so when i reached 10 tones of 24 caret gold bullion, it does a auto activation gold prices skyrocket up to $100 a gram and the docile ones on the gold markets and government think everything is normal as usually life goes on, then i take 5 tones of gold to be cashed in for $500,000,000 then i be rich then the other 5 tones of gold at home i can use it for crafting create molds making 24 caret gold inverted pentagram, craft a 24 caret Forbidden Golden calf.:slight_smile:


With ascent all things are possible.

In your path to ascent set mile markers. The markers should be hard and indicate magick rather than dumb luck won the day.

Set a monthly goal. Say $100 a month then $1000.

If you can get to $4000 you are effectively retired and able to live nicely. Then the sky is the limit because magick is your only Focus.

What i meaning dumb the stock market workers and the government so they think price gold is brilliant at $100 a ton, until i get the amount i want then gold up to $100 a gram then they are back to normal, that is why i need a black market Demon Butler to manipulation, i am getting older not younger.

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All sales are audited. The error would be caught.

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So here’s the downside of that; Gold prices usually will only crank up when people are afraid of economic hardship. If it gets truly bad and their fears are realized then there would be chaos, infrastructure would grind to a halt, and food and medication will become more valuable than gold. Kind of counterproductive, right? Want a “black market”-type scheme that might be legal in your country? Sell antibiotics at a hefty mark up to regions where there is little access. Often times you will be welcomed,you might be on the right sideof the law, and you would help people and line your pockets at the same time. It would take a bit of work, but there are people in this world that do this who are probably crapping in 24K gold toilets as we speak.

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@ Bowling270 Koko Petkov is who i use personally as a remote link into Stock Markets and general World-Economy.

Reason being:
He works on the Level of outperforming both banks, and digital Bot’s,
Plus he teaches Student’s to follow his work.

So to say, he’s like an E.A. on that field.

I personally adress him in certain evokations, Offerings etc.

So far, i had great result’s with my workings.

Which funnily, go in the opposite direction.

Of actually harming a certain Bank.




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I have worked it out plumet Gold prices to $100 a ton, inturn skyrocket price of Dimonds, from $1,300 per caret to $1,300,000 per caret, to counteract it, then purchase huge amounts of gold, the return gold and diamonds back to normal, well i say for one 1.3 million dollar a caret for one churchies would be fucked off certainly would put Catholic and Christian noses out of place, can’t give there girlfriend a diamond ring anymore, screw them all.

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Apart from being Satan’s metal there are advantages to physical, in your hand silver. That’s what I’ve done.


If you are buying metals as currency for when the SHTF you need more small silver than anything.

Anyone holding just gold will be hurting when others do not have “change” for the transaction.

Since Bowling is gone, I will still post this due to anyone having the same idea.

This does not have to be an angel or demon. Create a thoughtform and pump a lot of energy into it. Maybe ask a spirit like Clauneck to give some of his energy (He is concerned with money and good fortune so it makes sense).

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Dead thread, but have you all considered the potential in the volatility of silver and palladium?