"Black Magick To Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings"


I have a quick question regarding what is talked about by EA in the above video.

Is an evocation required? Or recommended for such a practice?

Do you need to evoke an entity or have them assist you when trying to influence someones thoughts/feelings/behaviour with black magic?

Regarding that video…you don’t need to evoke any entity…

But you CAN place a charged seal of spirit like paimon or dantalion besides the candle to add a boost to the spell.

I have attempted this before. I was unsuccessful at it myself, but lately I’ve had the strong impression I should try it again, but consider new information.

I think this could be the info I was waiting to find.

I’m pretty good at this actually, especially injecting things into people’s dreams. I tried all kinds of methods to accomplish it, and the best ones were when I had only decided what I wanted to do, but hadn’t gotten around to actually performing my rituals yet. They manifested before I even got a chance to do them!

I couldn’t even begin to list all the different techniques I tried to go about this. But what I learned from all of it is that it’s better to have one good ritual, whatever it may be and stick with it. The more you use it, the more reliable it will become.

Also, if you limit this type of control over others to a specific ritual (which I did not), that may help limit it from influencing others when you don’t intend to or are not at your best. Lack of sleep can just wreck your focus, concentration and mood. EA talks a bit about what a shit show that can be in his vid.

EA’s ritual looks solid, good focal points and metaphors. I would have been better served starting with something like that instead of freestyling.

The first time I did this,I used a bowl of water instead of a candle.Both act as gateways,and can be used for the scrying,that was in the visualization.At the time,I owned no candles,so I did my mind control(which is to say,every other spell) through Paimon,who told me to try this.When I informed him I had no candles,he told me to use water,or blood,and then gave me some incantations that’d help the operations(can’t remember them though and I’m too lazy to dig through my writings).

So…a sigil of Paimon,or just uttering his enn while doing it could boost the spell,but it isn’t necessary.

Paimon can be replaced,by any spirit of the mind ever,or even by spirits of black magic(since this IS black magic).