Black Magick of Ahriman


I’m reading your book and in the introduction, you write that men are their own God and their own Devil. And this is scaring.
So, do you think that everything dwell in ourselves, with nothing outside?
English is not my native language, I’m reading your book with a vocabulary, but I’d like to be sure I understood well.



These beings dwell both within us, as well as beyond us through many generations of invested fear. The Ahrimanian impulse still till this day brings terror to the hearts of men… Such is the power. These beings are in a way like batteries which the sorcerer can take energy from to counter create.


Keep reading as this is covered in depth later in the text.


Thanks a lot


Ahriman is good to mix with Black Sun spirits like Al Uzza (astoreth). Try Lucifuge Rofocale and Ahriman together. Satan wants you to know you should mix him with Ahriman too.


Sorry, are you talking to me?