Black Magick Grimoire?

Hello. I’m looking for a black magick grimoire. One that doesn’t involve hurting animals. I just checked out The Book of Black Magic by Waite and I just cannot do some of those spells. Thanks in advance!

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Leave long-winded, gasbag Edward Arthur Waite’s book where these belong - on the shelf. There’s many books around. Crowley is too difficult.



Works of Darkness by EA Koetting. No animal sacrifice involved.


What have you worked with in there and what experiences can you share?

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I’ve worked through the whole book.

It is a black magick primer. It takes you from basic meditation, to candle magick, to basic sigil magick, to scrying, to evocation, to vampirism, to baneful magick, and to necromancy.

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Sounds dope. Can you describe the candle and sigil magick? I want to know if it’s different from what i already do.
I dress them with herbs and oils associated with the corresponding planet or intelligence, carve a sigil and my name and put my intent.
For sigils, I co-create them with my partner then we paint them on each other where we will see them during climax and activate them during sex.

The candle spells in WoD are pretty basic, and mainly use visualization and intent, fueled by the colour correspondence of the candle. He only covers basic needs, like money, and a general love spell, along with compelling a specific lover. There are no oils or herbs required, though the spells are easily adapted to them if you wanted to.

The whole premise of the book is to take the reader from beginner to intermediate so he states up front that he is only providing three candle rituals, and then the magician can extrapolate from there.

As for sigils, what you have described seems to be the Spare-style sigils used within the Chaos Magick paradigm, and when EA talks about sigils, he is referring to spirit seals.

He covers the basics of opening a demon seal and provides a simple pathworking with Martal, Kaltemptal, King Paimon and Belial.

Bad ass.

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There are tons. The Necronomicon Spellbook, The Arse goetia, the Black Pullet etc. Frankly, “black” and “white” are half-truths: all things exist in perfect unity here and now and we, using the utterly limited sensory-logic mind, perceive an infinitesimally small part of it. You could use a book on angel magic and perform so-called “black” deeds. Magic taps into infinite existence to allow you to experience a certain type of reality and it is driven the emotional quality of your intent not any textbook definitions although those are also valid in their own right.

The Arse? Makes it sound like a big book of butt demons.

For sure. I have been working with Angels of Wrath and the NAP angels.

Heh heh Just a little occult humour. :smiling_imp: