Black Magick For Employment?

Okay so like the layman, I’ve applied for jobs for years and have not been hired. I had one interview: and was turned down. My inquiry is.

Is there any form of black magick that can influence/go against the economy and get me a job?

(I went as far as summoning, invoking, and evoking Valak and that didn’t work and we were close knit brothers in blood and arms.)

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There are a lot of facets to employment.

  • What kind of work are you willing to do and what kind do you prefer (huge difference)?
  • Are you a fast learner (will training you be a bitch)?
  • Are you a go-getter; do you take initiative (employers don’t like slackers content to sit on their hands)?
  • Are you a letter or spirit of the law person (you gonna ignore regulations at your convenience)?
  • Do you find creative solutions (you gonna simply watch shit hit the fan)?
  • Are mundane repetitive tasks stimulating (when you’re bored shitless, you gonna slack off)?
  • Do you exude responsibility (employers hate flakes)?
  • Are you punctual (gonna dump on your co-workers)?
  • Are you friendly and likeable?
  • Grooming/personal appearance/confidence?
  • Is a job just a paycheck or a delightful responsibility (no one likes apathy)?
  • Indoor or outdoor?

Demons can, obviously, enhance/assist in these areas according to their specialities and your inclinations. There’s also sigil magic and hoodoo. Remember a job is at least ONE THIRD of your conscious life. What do you reeeeally want for that third; what could be blocking you from employment (subconsciously; do you want a job, or do you really just want $$ to afford playing music?)?

I know a guy who hates working for idiots. As a result, he’s averaged one week on his jobs, BUT he’s been hired over 70 times and did exceptionally well in the military.

Introspection here is vital in this area since you already have factors working against you (a shit-ton of competition that is preferred over you). Also, researching the company and tailoring you cover letter/resume/cv will impact whether anyone even wants to call you for interview.

Do you ever follow-up with a charming courteous phone call (demonstrating your well-researched knowledge of the company) after applying, or are you merely one of a billion faceless boring applications for an overworked Human Recources Generalist or Store Manager to peruse while she longs for her cig and latte?

Once you figure out what you want and are capable of and willing to do, practice visualizing you doing that kind of work. Visualize the hiring scenario in detail. Then, you can convey it clearly to your higher self, or demon counterparts.

Most are:

  • Application submission
    *** You follow-up charmingly and make sure its been received
  • Phone contact/interview
  • Reference check
  • In-person interview (maybe 2)
  • Background check

What are your beliefs about employment? Are you entitled to a job you like (this could be why you aren’t getting any bites), or are you willing to start out a bottom-feeder and work your way up? Would working for their company be a privilege, drudgery, or would they be lucky to have you?

When you have that all sorted out, it’ll make deciding your employment path a lot clearer. Good luck.

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Great advice,dnt forget do baths to open you opportunitys

I recently, after a few months out of work got fed up with my situation and decided i needed a little magick to push my search.

Having decided that, i referred to the “Mastering Evocation” companion book and after looking through the demons that add in weath i chose Halah’thor. In part because he is focused on more then just material or financial wealth, but on how those gains line up with your greater destiny. But also because he appears as a neatly trimmed, clean shaved gentleman who dressed in a tuxedo… A proper businessman.

I drew the sigil. Opening and empowering it. I called out to Halah’thor and asked him to help me find a job that would lead into a career. Even though my hand slipped in the drawing of the sigil and it was less then ideal i continued with the work and i shivered throughout the entire thing right untill i tore up the index card and threw it in the garbage. (Yes… Destroy the index card, it releases the energy you invest into it so that the magick can work.).

After that, i did like they tell you to do. First, put it out of your mind. Dont think about the magick, distract yourself from it. So i went for a walk. I live on a beautiful island in Florida and a walk here is always something peaceful and distracting. I found myself standing infront of a store that i had worked at, very successfully for 4 years.

The manager of the store when i had worked there had retired but the new manager knew me from my time before. I had become something of the model for the ideal employee and those who followed me had not always lived up to the standard i had set. He was happy to take me back.

As we were talking a few days into my retraining he asked me what my plans were. I told him that while i knew he was more then capable of continuing the job i figured he had another year or two before he had had enough of the job and would retire. That given my previous history there and my still youthful age i was the perfect person to fill his position when he decided he was ready to retire. He completely agreed and has been training me to take over when he does finally step down.

Some might argue that magick had nothing to do with it. That my own hardwork previously and my good attitude and relationship with the manager is what got me the job back. But the outcome is EXACTLY what i asked for when i evoked Halah’thor’s sigil. Hard to argue with that.


A quick quote from the Mastering Evocation companion book. pg 159 “Halah’thor - Wealth”

“If you are creating certain prosperity for yourself, this alone is not your empire.” Halah’thor told me (Eric). “Every aspect of your life must be made perfect, and perfection in this manner is not misery, but is joy and sense-satisfaction in all things that you do, all things that you have, and all things and people in your life”

First off, in the results of my working with Halah’thor, i couldnt agree more. I feel a renewed sense of purpose, happiness and satisfaction and it shows.

Second, Halah’thor isnt just about wealth. he isnt just here to make you rich. He is the ultimate life coach and motivational speaker. He is here to help you get yourself back on track and fix your life.

Go into your working with him with that in mind.


Thanks everyone! I’ve been working with demons that told me at an younge age; 'We wilt not be recorded in any grimiore, simply because we don’t want to.'
Addo, they just came back inside my mind so that’s why I’m just saying that. Their leader that I call Jaz, said to me once.
‘We’re much stronger than every nonhuman that hast interacted with Earth, except when we were humans ourselves. But we’ll never go down that dreadful road again.’

I have similar experience with Halah’thor Thermopylae. The result might look a bit less impressive but this is exactly what I needed for several months at least. Basically, I asked him to arrange a source of income for me that won’t take too much of my time while providing for my basic needs so I can practice magick every day without sacrificing other things that are important for me at this moment. Couple of days later, I’ve found an arrangement where I can work from home couple hours a day and at the same time I got a call from ex colleagues (whom I haven’t spoken to for almost a year) and they offered me to translate about 300 pages in total for them.
After that, Halah’thor told me that if I want to further my financial success, I have to read on economy. I don’t see how it will help me if I read books on economy since my education has nothing to do with it but I decided to trust him (besides reading is always good) and set aside about half an hour a day for this purpose.

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This goes back to what I said before about Halah’thor being a proper businessman. He isn’t about putting a quick fist full of cash in your pocket. He is about long term, stable wealth growth and management. He wants you to educate yourself on economics because he has a vision of your future in mind that will likely involve some sort of investment. Possibly even a business venture.

I suggest you follow through. Communicate often and ask questions. Not just about what to do next, but also about economic concepts. Let him clarify your thoughts and ideas.

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Thanks family

Its time for an update, I hath been working as an kitchen Porter for an few weeks now. My pay es great even though my insurance takes $100 no complaints here.

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Look - ive never quite understood your reasonings or perception of what is expected of you when you ask a demon to help you get a job. The point being that if you are successful it is evidence that your boss is not protected by the angels. This gives you cart blanche to destroy your employers entire existence, family, business etc etc and send his soul to the darkest furthest reaches of hell. Not to happily work with a yes sir, no sir ?

Am I wrong here are you folks left hand path ? Why would you evoke a demon to put you in a regular job with a regular life, being all good etc etc, wouldnt you ask an angel to do that ?


Are you saying that no LHP person should ever engage in the conventional world of employment?

And if so, why?

I don’t agree that getting a demon to manipulate things means that a whole stream of people get damned by it (nor that angels and demons are automatically in opposition) but that’s a matter of belief, UPG etc., my main question is the one at the top of this post.

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:10, topic:4610”]Are you saying that no LHP person should ever engage in the conventional world of employment?

And if so, why?

I don’t agree that getting a demon to manipulate things means that a whole stream of people get damned by it (nor that angels and demons are automatically in opposition) but that’s a matter of belief, UPG etc., my main question is the one at the top of this post.[/quote]

The healthiest,most realistic,and most powerful black magician,is not the one who’s nails are painted black 24/7,who wears the sigil of Baphomet on his T-shirt and shouts ‘‘Ave Satan!’’ every day like the Iftar cannon on Ramadan(sorry,due to leaving in a mostly Muslim area,we are in the middle of Ramadan,and people are fasting,not realizing that that actually slows down their spiritual ascent(unless they really know what they’re doing) but that’s a story for another time).

No,the healthiest,most realistic and most powerful black magician,is the ordinary lawyer,banker,teacher,actor,astronaut,or whatever.The lawyer,contorting the minds of the jury to his will.The banker,making sure everyone pays their dues and ends.The teacher,blessed to have such mastery of rhetorics that no lesson is ignored.The actor,who’s spells enchant the audience and drag their attention even if he’s not entertaining.The astronaut,who is actually enjoying his experiences,even though it’s near impossible.To name a few examples.

While the ideal black magician is an entrepeneur,a freelancer with a job only as a source of money that will yield him the resources for happiness and exaltation,while he strives for his ascent,you will find that this ideal is just that,an ideal.And that unlike said black magician,most people like doing jobs that they like doing.And they like liking doing the jobs that they like doing.

The perfect Black Magician also know how to enter a ritual,release fury and passion stronger than even a quasar,and funnel it towards a goal,and exit the ritual,not want anything,and simply forget it ever happened,becoming a mortal man,who…is actually happy.Unlike the majority of his kind.

Not saying all Black Magicians should have normal jobs.I’m saying black magicians should be happy doing what they love,because the whole point of black magick is to be happy.If magick is the only thing in their lives,then they really should devote their full attention to it.Otherwise,have fun doing whatever.

So please,if a LHP person doesn’t want a conventional job,then they don’t need one.If they do want it,then it’s all theirs.

Also,this is my 100th post!!!

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Nobody has mentioned Belial? Evoked him to get an interview. Of course he delivered. Yesterday before the interview I gave him a gift of wine asking for his blessing for it to go well. Just got back from an 80 minute talk with them, I absolutely killed it.

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LOL! I totally see myself in that question!

Do you know his sigil