⚡️ Black Magick Clothing & Demon Art

Wear THIS in ritual to summon the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers and invoke your Godhood!


:fire: Collection #1: Become A Living God » http://balg.co/2/balg
:fire: Collection #2: Nine Demonic Gatekeepers » http://balg.co/2/gatekeepers
:fire: Collection #3: Qliphoth Collection » http://balg.co/2/qliphoth

Dear Friend,

I’m about to do something I SWORE I would never do.

For years, you have seen me in these Become A Living God t-shirts. As such, literally hundreds of you have asked where to find one. And I always said they can’t, because I would never release them.

To be completely honest, I dislike “merch”. I prefer to concentrate on genuine knowledge like books and courses. But at a certain point, so many of you have sincerely asked for it, that I finally did it.

As of right now, you may place an order for Become A Living God clothing and also framed Qliphothic art by Asenath Mason.

However, I will only allow this under one condition: you need to actually wear these shirts, hoodies, and hats in ritual and hang this occult art in your ritual space. If you do not perform magick with them, then I cannot justify their existence. They become just normal merch.

Finally, at long last, allow me to introduce you to our art catalog. It features three collections.

:fist:t3::fist:t3: Collection #1: Become A Living God » http://balg.co/2/balg

First, the Become A Living God Collection. This entails our classic inverted pentagram logo, and mottos of ascent and adversarialism. For example ‘No Gods No Masters’ and ‘Steal Fire From The Gods’. You can find these designs in t-shirt, tank top, and hoodie.

:genie:‍♂ :woman_genie: Collection #2: Nine Demonic Gatekeepers » http://balg.co/2/gatekeepers

Second, the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Collection. This features both shirts and framed prints of their magick sigils. Magicians have asked me for years what to wear in ritual. Dress in these sigil shirts when you perform an evocation to connect with spirits like Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Beelzebub, Abaddon, Baal, Asmodeus, Lucifuge, and Satan. and the rest. And hang these framed sigils on your walls or place them on your altar to perform divination.

:dragon::dragon_face: Collection #3: Qliphoth Collection » http://balg.co/2/qliphoth

Third, a Qliphoth Collection by Asenath Mason that feature her authentic clairvoyant visions of Lucifer, Lilith, Baphomet, Hecate and more. Adorn your temple in profane beauty of the Nightside and preserve your connection to these dark spirits forever.

Like I said earlier, I prefer magick experiences and knowledge over normal “merch”. But if you agree to use these magick clothes and art in ritual to help your ascent, then I support it 100%.

One more thing. Let us know how you like these t-shirts and framed art. Post a photo here in this forum so we can see.

Godlike Power,


THE THOUGHT OF MODERNIZED RITUAL CLOTHING, oops, caps, crossed my mind ages ago when I started learning about subconscious reminders or rather atmospheric catalyst, that can be unique to each practitioners individual identity…soo dope!
I am grateful for this new development and will be purchasing a Balg wardrobe on payday this week.:smiling_imp::grinning: thanks BALG! Lifechanger, or rather life enhancers I how I view your establishment. Eternally grateful


My first purchase is on its way, I will be wearing these for ritual but also as a fashion statement, it also gives me a sense of pride in my chosen path that enriches my day to day life. Cheers!


While it’s nice, I think I’m gonna change my mind about the shirts. While they’re cool, I don’t really need them to take pride or whatever in my path.


Well of course you dont need it but in my opinion they are nice to have.

I might buy you one next Saturnalia. :wink:

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Nah it’s all good.

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I need to remind my wife that my birthday is coming up lol.

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That was a very Ozzie reply :laughing:

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I LOVE Asenath’s Qliphoth collection. Nice work!


Damn was considering doing this myself lol

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I love my Melek Taus T shirt! Thank you! xx


Gnarly ! I just startsd working with that mask of lucifer…I loved scrying with that sigil, I may just have to purchase one for myself…l.,soo dope,! You look good girl.:smiling_imp::wink: Rep Rep the left hand path!


As soon as I can afford it I’m getting the Belial t-shirt.