Black magic Vs Demons

Hey everyone, i was just thinking if we want a revenge or make someone love us , or a protection , what is most accurate way , if we can call demon he can protect us , n get revenge n make some1 love us, then what is the use of blackmagic , n cursing n hexing , do demons work more efficiently or are they fast or they are easy to call??? i have seen some witches on youtube who sometimes use herbs and oils and candle spell but sometimes they call demons for their work,for same type of work they use different approach ,
for protections demons are best or some spells or rituals or amulets or talisman,i am confused should i use demon or do a protection ritual or use some seal of solomon or talisman or amulet. any insight will be very helpful. thnx

The demons are guys who may help you when you can’t do things by yourself, once you can do things by yourself you don’t need demons anymore for those purposes, but you can still contact them or be contacted by them because of ABRAHADABRA

if we can do black magic spells like love, revenge and do a ritual for demons, in both cases we believe , whtever we did has been gone to universal powers or demons even if we dint feel anything during spell or ritual we believe its done and we will get result , in this condition what is best way??

You don’t have to believe anything if you don’t want to

results dun manifest immediately when we believe it will happen only then magick happens.

I’m sorry, but I work with another system, but you may want to ask in the chaos magick section, as they have similar ideas to yours, because if you believe (or know) that demons have their own priorities, and are not just a product of your imagination, then your belief or desire of things being accomplished won’t matter to demons as much as you would want to, but if you are unable to do the magick by yourself, you would have to deal with that. However, if you can do the magick yourself, then you overcame the inner forces of yours that prevented the magick from happening, strong faith is a way to do that, at least in the momment, but in the long term being aligned with your True Will will make altered states unnecesary


Do Crowley use chaos magic,?

asking demon is still magick. It’s just labels. black magick is more intent for negative purpose. white magick for positive purpose labels. either way, if u get your goal it’s positive for you weather it be positve or negative curse. Just think of it as all magick. Don’t limit self due to labels.


E.A once said he would rather call a demon to do the job and let the demon manage what needs to be done, instead of doing everything by himself and micromanage the spell and magick. It takes time, more energy and planing when you do things your own.
It is wise to learn both ways! Sometimes the demon would refuse so you will have to do it yourself! Sometimes you don’t have time to plan and you need a quicky so you call your demon friends!

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