Black Magic Powers, Darker Alternatives

Hello everyone, Black, and White, Magicians of the forum. It has been quite a while since I have posted here, but every time I do the information, answers, or my magic power seems to explode for the better. Perhaps this can go around.

I was wondering, in all my experiences with Black magic, aside from a death spell, the power of “mutation” mutating your foe, seems to be maybe the most effective means of attacking someone, for some grevance that they have done. Of course, I must now very strongly recommend, that no one mutate themselves, even really say the word to themselves or it will at least somewhat, and do not mutate anyone just because.

That said, is there any power worse than mutation to attack an enemy with? If there is, would the fellow Black Magicians be kind enough to let me know. Powers to attack an enemy with worse than mutation, whatever they may be.


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Can you please explain what you mean by “mutation”?

If you are unaware, it is a state, similar to a death spell, but where the victim is not allowed to die, and feels anguish due to be surrounded by, more or less, their opposites.

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