Black Magic of Ahriman grimoire

I am new to this and painfully obvious a beginner, awhile back I read about @C.Kendall and his journey on this path on this forum and found it very interring. The idea of deconstruction to create counter creation is now beginning to become a new lens in my perspective, along with the three principles of evil. Though newly found in this process of starting to open this tome I found many people saying this isn’t a tome for starters in magick. My question is am i to inexperienced to harness all the empowerment and black alchemy to change my life? I am not scared by any means of being a beginner and opening this tome to practice, i find this very empowering and very interring. I just fall short of experience and wonder if it will hinder me?

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It has been said before but the work is set up so people of all experiences can explore it. Fear of the work is generally a result of the fear of ones own potential both for good and ill.

Here are a few references in that section which may be of use.

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thanks alot man! i definitely appreciate this!

If you haven’t seen them yet i highly suggest watching the videos tied to the book here and the various podcasts he did on it that are floating around. You should be able to find them in a general search online. He covers most of the basic fears and questions that arise when considering exploring this work.

Fear is a product of the unknown coming into perceptual awareness in general when it comes to magick. In this case specifically fear of ones full potential bubbles up constantly in various forms since potential encompasses the benific as well as the maleific. We are our own god and our own devil as kurtis puts it.

From my own experiences, When this is experienced to any degree the realizations and perceived responsibility when you experience being connected to everything and nothing can be quite terrifying but it is just a feeling not a non shifting variable of the dimensional seething that is the life experience. Feelings ebb and flow, wax and wane the power intrinsic within self that cause the feeling does not only our perception of it and our perceived access to it.