Black magic Initiation

I’m speaking on behalf of many people here on this forum, especially beginners.
After figuring out the sphere of the demon you want to call on or need his help.
Does self initiation into that sphere get you a better chance of connection, better chance of getting result or spirit manifestation?

Second question is when people say building a relationship with spirits/demon, does this suggest worshipping the demon or making offerings often.
Is there a book/guide on how to do these??
Recommend if any.

I’m sure many people will benefit from this topic.

If you want to worship demons, pick up any book on demonolatry by S. Connolly. She answers all these questions.


32 initiations + 32 initiations of the other tree = 64 initiations, no wonder why it seems that nobody does that

Whatever floats your boat. What I did was to summon the demons often and to practice in my life aspects of what those demons stands for, sometimes working with them, sometimes on my own, depending on the subject. With some demons this is easier than with others, it is much like Asenath-chan’s exercise of the deadly sins


If I will worship a demon then it’s because I want something from him and this also means that I may have to stop probably when I get what I seek.
Will this turn the demon against me??

I think I prefer making a pact, whereby I give something maybe a high quality offering to get what I need.

So long as you have stated that the spirit probably wont mind, But time is diffrent for spirits (from what I understand) when you call a spirit into your life from that moment on it is with you since the beginning and the end.


Noted :white_check_mark:
That means stating clearly my intentions from the beginning.

If you have any sort of skill/way to do divinations try it out first and see if that particular spirit is ok with it


I’d say yes at the first question

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It can, it depends on the persons practice.

For me it means getting to know the personality of the being as I would… a coworker, an acquaintance, a trusted advisor, and potentially a friend.

Worshiping them works for some. It’s not my business to judge them for being different from me, but the reason I won’t is - the power to all do this resides I myself. It’s nice to have aid once in a while, but I’m not into doing tradesies- I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. So to speak.

Guide me, direct me, teach me, kick me in the ass when I need it- but make me learn how to direct that energy all on my own and I’m certain I will not only become more powerful for it, but I’ll also be grateful at the end that for what I was able to accomplish.

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Definitely learnt something new from that.
Thanks :pray:t5:

I’m currently making a pendulum and getting to know the Yes and No swing, that should make communication easier.

You dont need to do any of that. Do some research on what you are looking for or even just find a Demon, Demoness or God or Goddess of your choice get one black candle one whit candle and the candle color they represent. Evoke them and Build a relationship with them or if you want something right now do the whole haggle and spike a deal. If you show them respect they will give you respect. If you decide to build a relationship with them they will take care of you.

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My personal experiences with my patron diety, which is Lucifer, was built up over time by initially researching him and learning about him. The next thing I did was invoke Lucifer. This was my first real intiation. Personally my real initiation will be when I have made a pact with Lucifer and/or path worked with him. I don’t worship Lucifer but I do respect him very much and consider him to be more of a friend as well as a teacher. I don’t think the demons you work with want humans to worship them imo. I am inclined to think they want you to ascend and become their human counterpart if that makes sense. By all means make them offerings to show them gratitude. I make offerings to Lucifer everyday. When I invoke him I make offerings of all of his favourite things.