Black Magic for Friendship/ Friendship Spell

Greetings, sorry If this question of mine seems retarded or wrong, but I must ask, If there’s a spell/ritual/an entity or God who can help you to make someone their friend or build friendship, even If the person didn’t like you in the past few years ago and now forgot about me. I know there’s spell like Love Spell or Lust Spell to attract love or sex, but is there anything for making friendship or make a girl become friend with you?

I loved this girl so much, still love her, since my school years and she knows about me, but we have never talked with each other, I wanted to be friend’s with her but she forgot me now maybe. I want to be her friend again, possibly love her, it’s just that I care about her so much that I can’t seem to forget about her or get her out of my head, since she was a big part of my life(I know it sounds crazy) and so many stuff in my life is related to her or tied to her. Please help me. I just want her to be my friend or at least I can talk to somehow.

Is there any entity or Goetic entity that can help me? I cannot perform evocations in my house since I live with my religious parents and also some stuff is hard to find like Red Candles or such, but I can at least offer my blood or pray to the entity. Which entity should I choose? How do I offer my blood on a sigil without talking to the entity or feeling his/her presence?

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Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to bring love and friendship into the life of the magician.

His sigl is available on the forum. Just search for it.

However, he will refuse to do any forced mind control on someone so if you choose to use him, know that he will not dominate your target.


thanks, so is there any goetic entity that can do the forced mind thing? where I can offer my blood? Will Sitri help on this matter?

Forneus “makes men loved by their friends and foes”


Sorry, from what you wrote, I was under the impression that you wanted to draw her friendship, not force yourself on her.

Sallos or Dantalion would be your best bet for coercive love magick. Be aware though, that any forced emotion will only be temporary, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

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thank you, that’s what I wanted! You have also helped me many other times, for that I’m greatly in your debt of you forever! Thanks again man! Also English is my second language so I’m not perfect forgive me.

Imagine If I get the sigil of Sallos or Dantalion, then drop a blood of mine from my finger with a niddle and then pray to him to get what I want, will it help?

Well, you will have to open the seal, then offer your blood. Just dropping your blood, and praying won’t do anything.

Do these steps.

1: Draw out the seal

2: Open the seal

3: State your task for the spirit

4: Offer your blood.

5: Put the open seal somewhere it will not be disturbed or carry it with you.


thank you, i will do these. can I PM you If I get stuck on a step?

also can I offer my blood to multiple Kings like King Paimon and Lucifer?

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Yes, you can offer your blood to multiple spirits if you want to. Just be aware that some spirits, like King Paimon, have been known to dislike it, and offering blood to a spirit that doesn’t want it can lead to problems. That is why I always advise to ask the spirit first before offering it.

Sure, you can PM me if you get stuck.

Edit to add: Some people choose to smear blood on every seal. I choose to only offer blood for serious magick and so my opinion reflects such. Ultimately, it is up to you.


About blood sacrifice: I found much more productive when I did other offerings.

In fact, I found that every entity has some predilections in offerings, so I ask them what they want, but NEVER do these offerings unless it is a HUGE pledge. And it never was blood…

Call the entity first. Ask what they like as offering. After that, you’ll know what to do.


Im sorry but i couldn’t find his sigil anywhere, could you please give me a link to somewhere which contains some information about them? or at least his sigil.

Simple forum search: