Any kind of help is useful!

I feel he’s gonna give you well-needed advice rather than help directly.

You don’t know this girl so ya never know…

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Saspu is an angel from EA’s Kingdoms of Flame, The angels in the grimoire feel energetically a little different from well known angels like Raphael. The various kingdoms consist of demons, angels and what are just referred to as Spirits.

Yes, they have sigils. No, they do not require offerings. You would speak to them the same way you would speak to any demon or god you evoke, politely and with respect.

Here is what the book says about Saspu:

Saspu – Angel of love and friendship. Saspu manifests as
a beautiful male angel with a strong chest and broad
shoulders. Yet, there is a definite kindness and even
femininity that is apparent in him, as well as a boyishness
that contrasts harshly against his muscular appearance. His
hair is short and in tight curls, and his lips are red and soft.
Saspu’s voice is always gentle, and he is always genuinely
concerned with whatever situation is brought before him.

Saspu will bring love and friendship into the life of
the magician, or to another whom the magician shall name.
This Angel will gracefully refuse to perform any type of
mind control magick, but will give alternative methods to
achieve an even better result.


@AlphaC He said that he believes that I have more important things to do like university studies or magical workings, but he won’t leave me like that because he always helps me. He said he may create some opportunities (probably to close the “talk to her” gap) but I need to use them when I see them and he’ll help only if the timing is good.


Knew it.

Go get em

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@AlphaC He also told me that it’s okay if I can have other spirits to help me with this since he believes that he’s not the one that should do this (since he’s mostly against wasting my time with this) but since he said that he never leaves me without help, I trust him. I mean, one way he could do this is to give me more courage to go and talk to her. It’s not they way I would imagine it but it’s a way to make it happen.

@DarkestKnight This is really interesting. Then I shall try to summon him. I’ll also use a self made visualised circle just to power me up so that I can make sure for my success.


If you’d like to give Saspu a try, here is his sigil:


Thanks, I’ll probably summon him tomorrow then and ask him if he wants to help me.

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I have some advice.

First things first: You share lessons`?
That means She must be speaking to someone around her!
Observe, and take special notice when her name is dropped.
Conjour a sphere of your own Energy ( you can focus the image of your ear or eye into it, that usually helps for beginners to get the imagination better, but basically a white or black orb does well, at least with some expierience. - You conjoure that orb with your hands forming a ball in front of you, and projecting a bit of your Third Eye’s Energy as well as some breath into it. Later on, you can conjoure it directly from your third eye.)
Make that Orb Stick to her, while she’s around,
and try to use it as a link to her for when she’s not around.

That way you gather information,
aswell as making your Energy familiar to her.

Next up, you conjoure inside your Stomatch the darkest, stickiest Energy you can gather.
Usually a familiar Demon jump’s in and helps you there, if you have astral familiars.
If you haven’t, you can use Sallos or Sitri.

Mold the Energy as low as possible in your Breathing Area.
(lower Dan-Tien)

Solidify That Energy as far as you’re comfortable (It can overwhelm you by a good bit),
and breathe the Energy towards her, building a strong pull back to you.
That way you can gain her to lust after you.
Her lust will actually make you the one who’s asked out and reseurched.

That combination,
of being around her even when you’re not, and having her strongly pulled to you,
brings forth a quickly escelating romance.

Keep in mind,
to further solidify it into a Relationship, you can go the route of caring for her issues, and hiding your own issues.
That’s establishing you as a provider / Boyfriend.
You can also go the way of regressing her interest into you into purely sexual conduct.
Establishing yourself as her Lover that isn’t concerned about providing her,
but rather just cherishing her Emotions and Joy.
Woman do have completly different mindsets for Provider vs. Lover,
which is why i mentioned that.

Mainly, getting and keeping her interested in you, leading by a step and keeping her attention on you, is the frame of mind you wanna go with.
That’ll work in both cases.

Having a good look on who around her missbehaves towards her gives you links to jump in and protect her, aswell as changing the group dynamics.

That being said,
don’t forgett, that there’s millions of Girls,
and you propably don’t wan’t to marry right away. :wink:
Just to keep it in the line.
So use some protection when you go down into noughty. :wink:




@Yberion Thanks a lot!

I know that I shouldn’t let my emotions get the best of me and I don’t plan to. I know that I want to take care of her and love her (not just sex and stuff). That being said, I won’t be using the lust method because of that. I don’t want to create a relationship based on lust, but based on love. And also thanks for the advices, things like these are always good reminders! Though I want to be both a lover and a provider I think, if I understood them right and I want to protect her of course.

Also, I try a lot to listen he name or something, but nothing. I do know the names of her friends though XD.

As for the orb method to gather info, I believe it can help me. However, once I have the orb near her, how can I gather info? I mean, I can’t meditate in the middle of the class with everyone there XD.

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Getting info is good but I still need help to get her. So I’ll need King Paimon’s and Saspu’s help too.
That means the “Any kind of help is useful!” is a true things here. Everyone has something to offer! You guys are amazing! :slight_smile:

@DarkestKnight , If she has a boyfriend, will Saspu still help?

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You would have to ask Saspu. I cannot speak for him.

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True, it’s just that I’ve heard that angels work in a way that the magician will be helped without harming another person.

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That’s the point of conjouring the orb in the first place - so you can actually contionue to study.
It’s a technique used to split a part of your Athman, use it as your personal serviator and reintegrate it.
Sorry, i had cut all that explenational stuff out.

You know the Usual depiction of God / the occult as a Triangle with an eye inside?
Get a picture of that and memorize it into your head.
Then, try to fill that picture with energy from your own soul (àthman).
Push your breath and your light into the eye.
Then into the Triangle.
Then rotate the Triangle, until it becomes a shimmering, shiningy orb (a small little sun).
When it radiates like a pulsating orb, you’re good.
Focus on the eye inside the Orb.
Put your ear or your own Pupil inside the pupil of that eye.
It stands still inside of the orb, while the orb covers it and carries it around.
The Orb is then projected forward and brought into it’s destinated place by your focus.
The Orb should be sticking around her, not constantly staring her, but just around.
Just like when you look next to a person but not directly into it’s face.
That way you prevent her freaking out from the energy spikes.
The other version, where it actually stares at someone, is used to freak someone out,
some magicians also use them to induce posessions.

You yourself should be able to take hand writings and perform regular actions at around 70-85% of your normal attention span while having the orb out.

After a while you draw it back in, and leave it dissolving inside of you, re-integrating the information.

Oh and of course you can just talk to the friends of her, and ask them to introduce you to her.
That makes you come from strong grounds.
In regards of the Lover vs. Provider, i seperated those for a good reason.
lover means fuckbuddy.
Provider means boyfriend.




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I’m not entirely sure if that applies to the angels in the Kingdoms of Flame, but, since Saspu is an angel of Love and Friendship, he will work to bring love and friendship into your life. If this girl you want has a boyfriend, Saspu may have advice for getting around that. As his description says, he will not do mind control magick, but will give alternative methods to achieve even better results.

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@Yberion Then I prefer the provider thingy XD. Also, I don’t know her friends, I just have heard their names while trying to listen to hers XD.
So, I think of the triangle with the eye and charge it with energy, then I make the triangle and orb and I put my visualised ear or pupil inside the orb and send it to place near her just to take info and I then focus on the things I do in class. Then, I can pull the orb back inside me and merge it with me once again. Then will I already have the info or should I do anything else once I go back home?

@DarkestKnight That’s true, I should summon him and see how it goes. Thanks for your advice!


It’s very likely that you’ll need to meditate or sleep a couple of times after you started that practice, to filter the information out of your subconcious (where it goes by the disolving back into you.)
You can use automatic writing to speed it up.
the orb skill is actually very useful for other stuff aswell, as you propably allready assumed.
But yeah, basically you have it.
That way you also focus on your actual studies, which will be good for you later on, when mentoring her about class while getting closer.
Also, the provider game is the usual pick for relation choice.
you got both options, just in case.
Don’t overlimit yourself by restrictions,
just to mention that.
As a sorcerer, you’re actually well capable of handling her having a boyfriend and still getting her. :wink:
I did that kind of stuff pre-magick. :wink:



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So, I should meditate to try to see what info I gathered and sleep as well, that’s good. I can’t use automatic writing btw.

The orb skill is useful indeed for spying, seeing images, etc.
I wonder if I can create an orb and send it somewhere really far away. For example, I’m in city A and I send it to a certain place in city B which is really far from city A (perhaps even in another country).

I have to use it when she’s near though, at first at least. I’ll sit near her if I can next time and try it.

Actually, us sorcerers have the power to change the shape of Earth itself if the need arises…if you’re into that sort of thing…probably not…I mean…yeah…Anyway, I’ll keep these advices in mind :slight_smile:


I haven’t noticed anyone advise this, but…

Have you tried approaching her directly? Lmao.

You have the freedom to approach anyone you want. Simple as that. Especially in class, during breaks.


actually i advise you to sit infront of her when you use the orb the first time.

also, automatic writing is jibbeling your hand with a pen on an blank paper.
-for the beginning.
With trance it becomes more detailed and at a certain point you just feel it has become something else guiding you.
the actual skill in there is to relax and let go of that hand and just allow it to come through.



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