Black Magic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash (book)

Very excited to have this massive tedious volume in my library some point next week. I did as much research as i could even though this book has limited info in the public and determined it would be very useful to me with my qliphothic workings. Seems it may be possible to evoke the negative and positive aspects of these pieces of god/angels. Has anyone worked with this book that is willing to share experiences?

I also picked up this new book on this site since it was at the same bookseller, Draugrottinn. Seems a bit outlandish but i was intrigued by this as well. Anyone have any experience with this book as well? The subject of vsmpirism isn’t new within left hand path but it is intriguing. However, i am not sure i would want to have my astral body live on as a shell, which is what this work strives for in part i believe. I am interested to see if i can incorporate it into my practice any way.

Thank you!


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You are not working with God, part of the baseline is that all magic is black magic and is against god.

Laval is pretty intressting, he has a bit of new ideas that are not present within traditionall qlipotic workings.

The workings are intressting and wields results pretty fast but its a highly complex system with certain hours, coulors etc.

I am excited to experiment with it. From what i have heard, you can use the book to evoke light and dark sides of the angels with some tweaking. This is why I got the book along with the tables included for correspondences. The author is very interesting indeed. Thank you for your response.

The tables of correspondances are needed to just evoke them.

And yes you can both evoke and invoke (the diffrence is explained.)

I have just started to try it out. I’m interested in it for its “non-dual” approach. It seems to have alot of potential. I started with the demon CHAM (dark counterpart of the angel Chaamyah). I got contact during the ritual, and felt the touch of the demon afterwards like a lingering feeling of damnation, but the contact was most palpable through a dream with almost unendureable dread the same night. This is a side project though, as I’m initiated into the path of Aghora tantra through my dear guru. He adviced me to keep practicing something anchored in our western culture, and as I have come to taste the total superiority of a non-dual spiritual path over those founded upon duality (but still have a great interest in Qliphotic black magic), this became the obvious choice for me. Angel and demon alike, are necessary for growth here. All of creation lies within. Good luck!

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