Black Goat Prayer

Hello everyone , I just discovered two old threads about this specific topic , and I was hoping to gain more opinions about it from anyone who is currently active and has used it in the past.



I don’t have yet tested it (ya know… parents lol) but as a Brazilian, the prayer of the black goat is very known to Quiumba’s Father of Saints and can even be used by people without occult advanced knowledge.

I’ve heard the results are pretty mixed for people with no knowledge of banishings… Some have reported screwing up their lives and are being haunted, while others have reported receive great results (probably because they made a protection spell/amulet, or even the person’s mentality helped with banishment and better execution).

I, personally, have found many similarities between the Grimorium Verum and St.Cyprian’s book. Either because of African origin sorcerers use them, and many spells and prayers in the book are translated versions.

Furthermore, I consider the Miraculous Black Goat Prayer very efficient and with a very strong magical and egregore value.

~ Mr. K

I never try it.not need most bcse I do action magick.but my teacher told me it works yes, but never do inside you house,never the mk is rgt mixed results,same as anima Sola,my suggestion is if do go for but not in you house, outside pray,chant whatever,you be allrgt,but results may vary work or not,but you be safe.

‘parents’? Do you mean it makes it hard to do it in your house?

So doing it in your house is hard NO? But I don’t know how to stay out of my house for 7 days in a row and do it at night.

Also just one question , which version would you recommend , doing it for 7 days or just once?

I did the prayer last year but had no results, nor bad or good. Just none. At least 8 people recommended it to me, saying results were great, that they sp came back as they wanted. One of them told me they got married using this prayer. I guess it was not for me, and I did exactly as they told me: outside of my house, after midnight for 7 nights straight with a black candle.
Here in Brazil this prayer is super popular and people do report to have successful results, even the ones who never had any experience with the occult. It was not my case. At least nothing bad came from it, so there is that…

Look… The cases of poltergeist (a.ka haunting) are results of parasite or weak entitys trying to get something from you. Most of these cases are because of poor banishings and cleansing in the house, thus resulting the poltergeist.

The all thing of “doing outside the house” is to prevent people who don’t know how to clean themselves and banish entities end up bringing bad energy into the house.

People here do evocations of things “more nefarious” in they own space near the house. In my opinion, there’s no difference between doing a common binding spell (obsession spell) using an entity, and doing this prayer.

Edit: Some poltergeist can be generated by children near puberty (manifestations of strong awakening energy)

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I mean go outside such, park, corner,field,etc if cnt,bring a tea light whit you put under the passenger seat and pray in you car,not necessarily 12 am.same as anima Sola she’s fast,but if you hear chains inside you house not be scare,it’s good its why never do inside you house or basement.but you can try,