Black Friday Sale - 40% off, A.T Official

Today on my official website “Asbjorn Torvol Official” I have put up a special Black Friday Sale that you can take advantage of. This sale applies to all products on the store from ebooks, services all the way to my apprenticeship program. This sale you can get 40% of all purchased but this will only be open for today. Take advantage of this sale by entering “blackfridaysale” into the coupon field in your cart.

Small little plug for those looking to get a bargain deal.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!


I got your sigil audio book needless to say interesting :+1:


@asbjorntorvol can you please give us some idea of the exact deadline on this for the Americans, those east of GMT+3 (whose Friday is pretty much over by now) and Aussies on here, I’m sure someone’s wondering and know this usually comes up when BALG do a release? :thumbsup:

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The offer will come of tomorrow at midnight UK time.

So around 28 hours from now

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