Black Flame Powerful Experience

So I found a black flame chant by Behemoth-X on Youtube a while ago, and something has been pulling me towards it, I just couldnt stop thinking about it for a long time. So, I decided to give it a go, and around 25-30 minutes in i was plunged into an intensity which I cannot describe with words. I felt ecstasy, power, fury and might radiating from within me. But then, i felt my shoulders light on fire and the fire started spreading, it felt so real and painful that I had to snap out of it. I have various larvae and parasites in my aura and body stuck on my chakras (throat and sacral especially) from years of trauma and dissociation episodes. Am I allergic to the flame, or is my flame simply painfully burning off the bad shit from my aura and i just have to power through it, because if i have to go through the burning to better myself; im willing to do it. Could anyone give me some advice?


please go ahead and watch the first 20 mins or so of this video the lady talks about how the energy of chanting this mantra can become overwhelming and how to release it

the mantra was given to her by Azazel himself

read the information blow the video as well =)) I can’t remember the name of that section on you tube. what was it?

Thank you so much for sending me this video! I’ve been struggling to understand what the Black Flame exactly is (while feeling the pull towards it), and the lady is explaining it very well.

By below the video i think you mean the description :slight_smile:

^^ :green_heart:
:)) yeah that

Caution!!! Azazel is one of the most important, most powerful and most deadliest beings ever. Is actually only for experienced magicians with years of experience. Ask through divination first



I am familiar with a few flames.

Black flame is the one I have the most experience with. The black flame is manifestation of will, used often for dissolution and for combat.

As far as using it on yourself, I highly recommend against it. Self immolation seems like the best thing to do when you’re infested, I know because I’ve been there. There are some other things to try first though, because without precision you just barbecue yourself and the parasites are fine.

Fire burns. The act of burning changes things, completely. This is why fire is used in a lot of cleansings. When you use the fire, you burn yourself and in the process change yourself.

For now, keep the fire confined to your hands until you are familiar with it. The black flame is difficult to research, as there are conflicting views on it, but I believe that it’s purpose is what I stated above. One of the ways you can contain or balance the black flame, is by the purple flame. This, you can find a decent amount of information on. Purple flame cleanses, purifies, strengthens, to a greater extent than the blue.

As far as parasites go, start with an LBRP on yourself to see where you stand on things.

If the LBRP wasnt effective, than specialist help via Michael, Raphael, King Paimon, might be necessary.

If you desire more knowledge of flame, ones like Brigid or Hephaestus are who you’d speak with. (I recommend Brigid, with offerings of green tea and alcohol)