Black cubes, parasites, water memory and saturn.

So I have has a long running battle with what seem to be astral parasites or demons and such. I have tried a lot of things, and when I seem to make any headway, these things seem to adapt and I am back to square one. That is, until 2 nights ago. About 3 days ago I was at my wits end and I was ready to just give up completely on this fight and be stuck in despair. This fight has taken so much from me it is unreal and after almost 2 years I was ready to just ‘quit.’ So i said screw it I am going to just do what I want until I am out of money and just go jump off a cliff. That is what these parasites/demons did to me mentally. In doing so I turned to youtube where I was just going down the youtube rabit hole and I stumbled accross a video on water. What could be so fasinating on water?

Water has over 60 unique properties, and a lot of them baffle scientist. And the properties do get quite weird. but the one that stuck out to me was the fact that water has a sort of memory or energetic imprint on it. To give an example 3 scientist would each take a sample of a drop of water they each loaded on the microscope and look at it. What they found was that each person had caused the water to take on a unique shape. They went on to test this in a classroom and found the same thing among 30 students. They also would put flowers in the water and look at drops and found the water took on very unique shapes for everything, even thoughts and emotions! Nice thoughts and emotions, as well as prayers and classical music, seemed to take on beautiful hexagon shapes, ugly thoughts and emotions took on deformed shapes as well as rock music and such. A japanese scientist even did a rice experiment and talked to rice to show how positive emotions kept the rice fresh, while ignoring the rice or talking negativly to it would cause rot. Youtube search ‘water memory’ if you want to know more.

With this in mind, i decided to really think that thoughts and emotions do really shape our world, but seeing like this made it seem like a matter of fact to me, and not some woo woo babble you find from some blogger. So I decided to close my eyes, see the parasites, and then blast them with white light. I had done this before, but had almost no effect it seems. But when I did it this time, i did it without any doubt in my mind that I was having an effect of filling them with white light. And it was a success! If they were stubborn I would just say in my mind or outloud ‘i know this is working’ and keep thinking back to the water memory videos where a bunch of scientist were doing this without even trying. this helped remove or smash any doubts. And not only was it a success, it was a homerun!! All the gemstones, herbs, chakra work, and banishings I tried did not work. Maybe they did not work because I chose not to believe it, and that somehow shut down the success? maybe with my new found belief I can rexplore those areas. Either way 99.9 percent of everything I have hit with this matter of fact white light has not withstood it, save for one big baddie. That one is still not liking it, so i am keeping up on this.

But it seems something else has come to light (no pun intended) in this matter. As i see these thigns writhe in agony and eventually flee after a few minutes, I see in my mind these black beings, and usually it is just black hands stuffing these parasites into what i thought was a door. But apon seeing more clearly it is a black cube. So these beings are being stuffed in black cubes and black/shadow beings are carrying them away, to where I dont know, but perhaps to Saturn?

The reason i think this is because i learned that the black cube is a symbol for the planet Saturn, some think saturn represents Satan or Cronus or evil. And a form/symbol for that is a black cube, which is actually in a lot of movies and music videos and product placement. In fact Loki in the first avengers movies arrives on a black hexagon, which is a black cube with the inner lines missing. Saturn also makes sense because when i first got woken up to spirits, one of the first dreams I had was in my grandmothers backyard and a stranger said ‘Satan is coming’ and as i left the backyard i noticed that there was a square in the fence. Perhaps instead it was a cube that went through the fence?!



Sounds interesting, the same images do keep occurring for people, although in different contexts.

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