Black circles

I’ve watched EA and Conner’s vid on The Black Star many times. When we close our eyes, its dark, not black. Man, I can see REAL BLACK with my eyes closed black now. It’s black circles, blacker than your eyes closed. They move from left to right in big circles. If that makes sense. I’m three years into this path, and it’s hard to practice with folks around that call you a devil worshiper. I strive to be a living god like EA and CK. The hardest thing on this path, is to choose to walk this path. We are evil in the eyes of the most people. Most people are lemmings or sheep.They walk the path that is easy to follow. Sheep to the killing. Not me, not you. BALG has changed me for the better. I love my brothers and sisters here.

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Very interesting. I see a singular circle that constantly spins. Sometimes it’s lines fluctuating like a windmill and I can make it go clockwise or counter clockwise. That’s in a waking state though.

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Sort of the same here. It’s like eyes closed black and then darker black circles. First time I’ve ever experienced it. I see that as a “closer for us” brother.

If you can make it spin, you have It made. I can only see them moving from left to right. It’s like a parade. Black background with the darkest black circles moving left to right like the crawler at the bottom of a news channel.
I know I’m close now.