Black Cat Oil

Does anyone know how to make black cat oil? My wife asked me and I’m clueless.

She wants to use the cat hairs from her familiar, Draco.


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Traditionally true black cat oil is made from bone and if done correctly has an odor that is reminiscent of male cat spray but infact contains no urine or ammonia.
I would porbably recommend black cat powder which is made with a tbsp low john, 1 tsp ginger root, .5 tsp jalop, .5 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp lampblack (soot),13 drops bay rum, 13 strands of black cat hair cut up very finely and all ingredients mixed and ground with a mortar and pestle.


Hmm… well, olive oil is made by first picking them and then washing them…

Then they are crushed, sometimes between two stones, now more commonly between steel plates.

Then the resulting paste is stirred to release the oil through a process known as maceration, and then its spun in a centrifuge to pull out the oil from the water.


How much do you love your cat?

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has anyone here actually used this oil?