Black candle

I was getting ready to do some work tonight and my black candle, it would lean and not stay up right. Man, I mean no matter the things I tried, it’s still leaning. You oldsters here, is this a sign and what should I do?

If your candle is leaning, it’s probably just not made very well. I only ever have that problem with really cheap candles.

One easy way to help it stay upright is to take another candle and melt the base of your spell candle a little - not to the point of dripping, just get it nice and gooey. Then stick it firmly onto your fireproof surface of choice.

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Could suggest an imbalance of your right and left brain. Keep your word thoughts and actions in alignment and that may help.
Also for me left is pulling energy and right is pushing it so could be in imbalance there too.

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Thank you!

I wouldn’t say so, it’s probably just a cheaper candle.

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