Bit you on the butt

What is one spell or evocation that you were so happy about but then later it came back to bite you or didn’t go quite as planned

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Simple answer, none.


I had one that simply did not work but that is all.


Doing a divination before casting can help eliminate this problem.

Only thing I can think of is opening up an opportunity for a job and I hated it. But I got my moneyz :+1:


None thankfully, I know what I want from life, may have to make course corrections but as I don’t seek the state of “paradise” aka stasis aka death-in-llife that characterises the final goal of some religions, change and challenges are part of the game.


Evoking goetia.
I should have had Clairsentience, clairaudience or clairvoyance first. It would have gone smoother.
Or at least a shitload of incense burning or a magic mirror activated with prior experience using one.

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