Bit of a Dilemma or Not

I’ve recently been looking into Guardian demons, angels, and other entities/spirits/beings. I’ve searched through the forum and found people talking about their personal Guardians and a few links on how to find your Guardian/s and decided to look into it for myself. From what I’ve read, some people have up to 6. Following the methods provided in the links, I have very, very many.

Is this possible? Could I have made a mistake in the procedures? I used a pendulum and have had many success/positive results with this pendulum but I know it’s not an infallible tool, though I do not doubt its answers.

I went through the Goetia then the Dukante hierarchy, some of demons the same in both listings giving the same positive responses. I fully intend to sit down and try to make contact with these demons, some of which I have worked with already.

The real questions, though, are if it’s possible for me to have this many Guardians and if I could have made a massive error to get the results produced?

Any insight or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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IMO it doesn’t really matter because it’s all one thing. Why not just talk to that one thing, which is the CEO? Why bother with all the little people in the factories who can’t get anything major done?

It’s like fretting over how many employees you have when you’re the biggest company in the world. Do you really need an exact headcount? Don’t you have bigger fish to fry?

This is true. However, I’m still learning and will always be learning. Would you consider Lucifer or Satan or any other to be the CEO? I don’t ask that out of snark, but out of honest curiosity. With so much conflicting information, it’s a little difficult for some people to figure out who is at the top.

But you gave me a bit to think and meditate on. Thank you so much!

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Both are possible.

I feel like this is right for me, too. I tend to overthink things far too much and I need to just feel this stuff more than I do now. Thank you.

I’m a walking user error, lol. I think I have made an error here and will take some time, think on it, take how I feel into account, then proceed. I think I need to disregard every bit of information and do this in a way that feels right and works for me. Thank you!