Bisexuality and rituals of Chaos and Void?

Hey guys, is there possible to turn to bisexuality by doing invocation of Chaos and Void, especially Shugal and Choronzon? Is bisexuality the perfection of Daath?



Serious, this is a bit odd and strangely worded. Im not sure what one has to do with the other. Its possible that Chaos and Void work could bring unknown aspects of yourself to the surface that you didn’t know existed, but it won’t alter your innate sexual preferences.


Thanks to my prophet, Aleister Crowley, the Holy Qabalah has become a sexually ambiguous territory, which I like and enjoy.


Yes it is going too far. It is extremely strange my working with Daath. Probably all people are bisexuales but after my workings with Shugal, Choronzon and Daath i feel i am turning into a Sex beast interested in gangbangs, orgies, hookers, blows, women, men…



Probably a result of a drop in inhibitions caused by the current. Releasing everything you think you are and exposing something more raw. Especially if you have been repressing anything, knowing or unknowingly. I personally haven’t had that exact experience, but I have always embraced my depravity, so it churns up other buried sensations.