Birthday Demon Reading

Today is my birthday!!! So I pulled some tarot to see what demons wanted to work with me! The results were interesting. I know next I nothing about Beleth, Berith, Crocell, Malphas, Astroth, Decarbia or Caym. (I know a bit about King Piamon, Lord Belial, Lady Naanmaah, and Lady Lilith.)

I do know that Beleth, Astroth and Decarbia keep popping up in media and my readings a lot, which is interesting! As well as Amon. I’m just really unsure as to what or why they want to work with me.

Any tidbits of info or resources on these entities are welcome, as well as any stories/experiences you’d like to share involving any of them. Hel, even if it’s as simple as warning me of something that I should be wary of. I also am gonna be doing my own research, so it’ll be nice to fact check with others who may have worked with any of them.

Thank you in advance!