Birth of a Black Sun. And the vision of it

Naram ma e naa kamaen naa sathh. Tamma an la pass da an ma kalam. Morammar ri tias sath. Naram ri tias sath. Kame na arna asthu na em. Narras sahammar u umar.

Today in my deep meditations and prayers of mantras and invocations.

The black Sun opened up to me.

I would say the presence of it was there anyway but not as strong as today.

In my deep enochian chanting my third eye burned open and cryed.

A vision of an engrayed sun with little black flames flares whooshing around that dying and grey sun.

And than it completely gave in sucked the whiteness in and like a dwarf planet first and than expanded outwards. Afterwards this black hole this eternal darkness and its flames spreaded out from it.

The birth of my black sun in my Tempel the Portal of the Black Sun gaved birth in my Tempel.

It’s councessnes burned in mine. It was elegant it was beautyfull, it was empowering.

But cold…

I could clearly feel and see the Black sun is now in that room and it will stay in that room like a portal also.

I was just fulfilled (and still am) by its energys I feel now like a conduit for it.

My Tempel is now more than ever stronger and more effective for further workings.

I am really happy and in a healthy way proud of it.

T. F.

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Hey brother could you shed some light on the above mantra/incantation what is it for, and what can be achieved from it?

Thank you :black_heart: :black_circle:

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It is deeply buried in my old grimoires but what i get it is a Mantra in wich you open a Black sun portal not only in your tempel but inside your spirit and spirit bodys and the flesh.It enhances your black flame it also establishes a dark majesty of your being and your practices gets the flavor of that vibe also. It allows you to flow easily into trance for the purpose that it pulls your awareness into the realm where the black suns are birthed by your demonic power and the powers in wich it calls forth.

It really also uncovers and opens up in you and the the other realms wich are conected to you or must be conected more, important or crucial psychic magical potentials in wich you werent aware off and are ready to be manifested over the course of time when you fully embraced its powers.

Your deep inner voice will know when


U could potentially also use it for the purpose to enter Thagirion ,but i didnt practice back in the day with the qlipoth nor whas the concept and spirituality of the qlipoth known to me .But i truly can see that this one can connect you and elevate your initiation of Thagirion and conect its forces with you for that matter of its nature, when you reside in its initiation phases.