I’ve done a lot of searching on here and still couldn’t find a spirit for my exact request, so I wanna know which spirits are able to bind the subconscious of a person

Fortiar, the Binding Demon, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to “bind or even destroy, the gifts of another, the permanence of which will depend solely on the target’s own magical skill.”

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What’s his enn? @DarkestKnight and also does he have the ability to mess with free will of the conjurer too?

He doesn’t have an enn. Enns are specific to the practice of demonolatry, and Fortiar is from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame and isn’t part of that practice.

As far as I am aware, no, he would not mess with the one who summons him.

Then how would I call on him? and also if I asked him to do a binding on me would he be able to do that on me? @DarkestKnight

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Use his seal, the same way you would call any spirit.

Yes, if you asked him to, I don’t see why not. I thought you were asking if he would try to take advantage of the summoner.

Haha :joy: no I was talking about for example: if a part of my mind has a problem letting go and trusting the spirit to do his part, if fortiar could take that away of the summoner too was what I was asking. Could he do that?

Could you post his seal I couldn’t find it on here.

I don’t know. You’d have to ask him.

Sure. Here’s a screenshot of my ebook copy of KoF:

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Oh I forgot :sweat_smile: does fortiar accept offerings @DarkestKnight if soo what

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I don’t know. I don’t do offerings in my practice, so you will have to ask the spirit himself.