Binding your own partner-good idea?

yesterday rereading the Angels of Wrath, I saw that binding prevents someone from hurting you. Well, I’m in a relationship which is generally fine, but there’s one subject of disagreement that generates heated feelings and my partner just doesn’t have the concept of fair fighting or any limits when he’s upset and the things he says are just insane. And of course, he doesn’t apologize either, which makes it worse. I wasn’t able to solve this situation over the years, not the issue we fight about, not making him stop insulting and being more rational.

If mundain ways of solving this didn’t work, could binding work on someone close to you? Like I said, other than that, he’s not abusive.

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Hi Cruella, I feel your pain. I think this is a respect issue overall and so I would do something to improve his respect for me and his respect for the relationship. Think about it if you highly respected someone you wouldn’t say deeply disrespectful i.e. insanely insulting things to that person.

I would look for spells aimed at increasing the level of respect. Binding for me just means you are causing that person to be tied to you, mostly it assists with infidelity. Do you want this person being closer to you while still being disrespectful? I don’t think so.


Hi Sailing,
I understood that binding was to prevent someone from hurting you…

But you’re right, somehow respect didn’t occur to me as this only happens when he’s very upset and he can’t control himself. Or he thinks that I’m not respecting him, which are not reasons to just say the worse hurtful words you can think of just to win an argument.

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Hey Cruella, so what’s the magickal approach you’re going to take? angelic, demomic, candle magick?

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I’m a beginner, so for now, demonic seems to have powers that might help me, like sending regret. And then, respect/love (with the angels), maybe see if it’s possible to change his outlook on things. At the same time, it’s magickal practice.

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